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Oyo’s Next Governor And Challenges Ahead



The coming of governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the last general election and former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Chief Adelabu Adebayo, among other stakeholders of the party to the political scene in Oyo State has been described as an act of losing or surrendering something.

It could also be described as a penalty for the mistakes, faults or failures to deliver dividends of democracy by the administration of the immediate past governor, Senator Ajimobi Abiola. Senator Ajimobi is a man of honour who deserves many accolades and applauds due to many infrastructural developments and laudable projects implemented during his tenure which I personally believe were meant for the rich in the state.

Although, I believe such projects could have been meant for the masses but due to lack of capable hands around the former governor, and for the fact that he was not listening to the commoners in the state, who massively believed in his first term agenda.

I would say that Senator Ajimobi’s support for Chief Adelabu was not a bad idea but that couldn’t translate to success for the party at the governorship level because the continuation of Ajimobi’s dynasty in the All Progressive Congress party was truncated because most of the populace of Oyo state had no interests in him anymore. The people were yearning for a more popular candidate who they can entrust with their next four years. To buttress this, other senators that contested under the All Progressive Congress party won their legislative seats except the man that believed everybody relied on his goodwill to win election.

Nevertheless, Chief Bayo Adelabu a.k.a Penkelemesi still remains the best candidate the All Progressives Congress can use to defeat the incumbent governor irrespective of whether he fails to adhere to what the masses that voted him want or he is fully at the top of the affairs of the state (perform or not). If Chief Adelabu can begin to do those things that can win the heart of the people from now, he will not be seen by the people as someone coming to hijack the state and the people will not say they don’t know his ideologies, aims and objectives, when he decides to contest later.

In first instance, Chief Adelabu should try to establish Adelabu Vocational Institute which must be accessible by many youths within Oyo State at large. Going by this project, Adelabu should try to create three offices within the state with an office in a senatorial district. The admission should be allotted per wards of which there should be recommendation from both the Community Development Association (CDA) and Community Development Council (CDC)….consultations should be made for full details on this project.

Also, Chief Adelabu should let the people know that he is not being controlled by godfatherism. He should assert himself as a self-determined person and run the government in his own ideology and not to be driving by any predecessor. Consulting former governors like Adebayo Akala, Rasheed Ladoja and Ajimobi should be on the basis of their general political pedigree. He should be ready to mend ways with Ladoja not as politician but to regard him as one of Olubadan’s royal lineage.

Trust me, Akala and Ladoja can’t contest again but will like to be relevant in the politics of Oyo State of which immediately the aspirants accord them their wished respect, they will be forced to retired from politics and see themselves as old soldier who always believe once a soldier, a soldier forever. Moreover, partnering with formidable Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to elevate the aged, widows and destitute including low income earners will boost his way to recover the 157,639 votes his counterpart from PDP use to outsmart him. Base on this programme.

He should not politicise it in their earlier selections but adequate guidelines should be adopted. The project should not be monitor by the political party members, if not the grass root you want to sensitize will not be reach. Bank verification number (BVN) and voter’s card or national ID card have its role to play to make sure that the programme is not hijack….. more details still available base on consultation.

To round it up here, Chief Adelabu should not hesitate to organise sporting activities, social events and scholarship programme for distinguished students but should not support student union bodies because many of them are only maximising it to enrich themselves.

– Abiodun writes from Ibadan