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I Auditioned Four Times – Mercy Eke



Mercy Eke just won Big Brother Naija, Pepper Dem edition and has become the toast of the entertainment industry. In this interview with some select journalists, she speaks on her person and how she came about BBNaija reality show, among other issues. SAMUEL ABULUDE was there for LEADERSHIP Newspapers.   

Why did you get to Big Brother Naija show?

Because of my personality, I had auditioned four times and happen to get it the fifth time. It’s as if God ordained this year for me. I auditioned and was chosen.

The first time I watched the show, I fell in love with it and started pursuing it. Countless times they said no, I still went for it till I got it.

What is it about the audition that made them choose you?

I got it at the Warri Audition. I think I gave it the best shot and I was still being myself.

Do you think falling in Love played a major role for you to win?

No! In the first place, I didn’t come into the house because of a relationship. I wanted to play this game alone.

Tell us about your family, siblings, did you have their support?

My family was proud of me. I will really like to keep my family private.

Do you think you have the wherewithal to keep this stardom?

God has been my help all this while. All I pray is for God’s grace to keep on and if God grants me the grace I will be fine.

What is your biggest sacrifice you gave for this show?

Nothing really but travelling all the way to Warri I haven’t been before to do the auditioning is the biggest sacrifice.

With all that happened in the house, will you and Tacha ever be friends?

Yes, we are friends. What happened …happened in the house. I don’t have grudges. We are still friends. I don’t think there is anything to make up when you are still friends.

Despite all the things she said about you?

Anger brings up a lot of things and does not respect friendship

Did she communicate with you after you won?

Yes, she communicated with me. Remember we both made the Top five. Things happen and we react in different ways and it just shows that we are humans. That was just happened between us and you will still see us together soon. I wanted to see Tacha in the grand finale. It was unfortunate that she was not there. It was unfortunate we let anger get the best of us or otherwise.

Did you see yourself winning the prize?

Yes I was confident because I was among the finalist.

Are you going to part with some money with fellow housemates?

The game is a winner takes all!

Even with Ike?

(General laughter)

How will your relationship with Ike be now since you are richer than him?

Winning the competition has not got anything to do with our relationship. We will still be friends.

What was your memorable moment in the house both good and bad?

Being in the Big Brother house was enough of great moment in the house. I enjoyed it. As regards the worst moment, it should be when Ike was evicted from the house. I got emotional about it.

Can you tell us more about your fashion sense?    

I like to look comfortable in my outfit. I like to look confident in whatever I wear. Asides that, I have clothes for different days and for different occasions, I have clothes for Fridays, I have clothes for Saturdays, I have casual clothes. The occasions determine what I wear. I started a fashion line because I wanted women to look good. The name of the fashion line is M & M Luxury. Before the house, I abandoned everything. Now I have the time to realize my dreams which is to build my fashion brand and have a fashion show sometime. I am a goal getter; I go for what I want. M & M Luxury is a female fashion brand for now and I hope to expand it later.

What will you take away from the house?

Hmm.  I think I will never forget the cameras!

People have been asking, did you enlarge your butts?

(She laughs and pauses). People can says whatever they like. I will have a statement for that later. I am enjoying the controversy about my backside but I don’t want to talk much about it now. It’s my body.

It was even said you did it for five million naira?

No, that is not true. I didn’t do it.

How many tattoos do you have on your body?

I will count it and get back to you. I only have flowers and butterflies. The flowers symbolise something good- roses are red and good. The butterflies mean everybody has wings to fly.

Did you ever expect you will get to this stage?

No. I never expected that I will get to this stage.

Will you still go back to being a video vixen?

No being a video vixen was way back. I stopped earlier even before I joined big brother.

You said you want to go into acting, real estate, can you combine all?

That is why I said I want to take everything one step at a time. I don’t want to rush everything. My fashion brand is a priority.

What is you fear moving forward?

The fear of failure. At this stage I want to succeed and excel with the platform I have now. I know that every move I make now will be scrutinised so the fear of failure is the thing and with God’s help and by his grace I will succeed.

Tell us about the real Mercy, is this the same Lamborghini in the house?

Lamborghini is in the house. This is Mercy before Big Brother. I am a fun loving person, I am ambitious and a goal getter.

What is your word for the organiser and family, fans and friends that supported you? 

I thank Multichoice for the platform and opportunity to be a housemate in Big Brother. I also want to thank my family for not leaving me even when it was tough. I thank them for believing in me. I also thank my fans and friends as I am overwhelmed for the love and support.