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3 Nigerian Teams Shine At China Internet Plus Award 



Three Nigeria Teams shone like bright starts at the China “Internet Plus” University Graduates Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award held in Zhejiang University

From October 12th to 15th, the finals of the 5th China “Internet Plus” University Graduates Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award (hereafter referred to as the Award) was held in Zhejiang University, China. More than 8,000 participants from over 800 colleges and universities gathered together for competition.

The Award has set up four sections, including Higher Education Track, Vocational Education Track, International Track and Germination Track (open for high school students) to better achieve five major goals of “More Comprehensive, More International, More China, More Educational, More Innovation”.

Since June 2019, the Award has attracted 4.57 million graduates and 1.09 million teams from 124 countries and regions on five continents to engage in the competition. The number of projects and participants is close to the sum of the previous four competitions, and the international influence has also further improved. It has become the most influential innovative and entrepreneurial event for all colleges and universities across China. The majority of projects aim at artificial technology, chips, 5G, new materials and other technological frontiers, some of which have taken the leading position in the industry.

During the finals, there were 61 gold awards in Higher Education Track and 20 innovation potential awards in Germination Track. The rest of tracks selected 15 gold awards, respectively. At last, only four teams entered the championship competition on October 14th.

This year, three Nigerian teams stood out and presented their projects in Zhejiang University.

They focused on different fields.

Members from “AF. Inspirant Talent” aims at a China-African student sharing practice platform. Talking about the competition journey, they told us, “We got information on this competition through some colleagues. They recommended us to participate it. We have introduced the project to the judges and have answered their questions. We are confident that this project is going to sell, and I hope after the competition it can help other students including foreign students come to China.”

Before participating the competition, they had met strong obstacles, the fund, technical problems, staff problem and others. It is not that easy for them to make it to the finals, but they never gave up.

“We have passion to help the world tomorrow, and when meeting friends who have the same wish, we can click in almost immediately,” the team leader Akan Donald excitedly told us.

With more support from judges, their project is going to be established in China. They mentioned that China is a good place for both the project and them.

Another Nigerian team from Osun State University presented a project about development of road recycling agent using waste cooking oil and its application, how to maintaining damages with wastes and turning waste into treasure. They got a pretty high score, 86.8!

Plasma Smart is a social enterprise in Nigeria. This is the first time team members that come to China. Amazed by the city and the event, they also find it meaningful to get together in the competition because lots of entrepreneurs and participants can share thoughts together. Presenters told us that if they had opportunities in the future, they would like to start business in China as well.

In the championship competition in the evening of the 14th, the four teams took roadshow in sequence. After teams’ mutual evaluation and expert comments, 150 judges voted for the roadshow team and the results were announced on the spot. In the end, Tsinghua University won the championship, and “iHe@r” project cooperated by Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember and Zhejiang University of Technology got the third place.


Roadshow on Championship Night

Initiated in 2015, China “Internet +” University Graduates Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award has become an important carrier for deepening the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education in China. The competition has set up International Track since 2018, attracting more than 670 teams from over 50 countries in order to strengthen the global innovation and entrepreneurship education cooperation and mutual exchanges among the youth.

This year, participants are from about 120 countries and regions, and the number of engaged teams has reached to nearly 1500. World-renowned universities like Harvard University, Cambridge University, Nanyang Technological University are on the list as well. Wu Yan, Director of the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, said: “The competition has involved hundreds countries, thousands of colleges, universities and participants. It has already formed a global platform for innovation and entrepreneurship education exchanges.” In addition, this year’s Award has reached a total of 406 investment intentions, with the amount exceeding 1.7 billion RMB.

A group of young people with ambitions, skills, and responsibilities are on their way to chasing dreams.