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ICT Firm Partners Int’l Organisation To Train 13,000 Returnees  



In creating jobs and boosting the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a Nigerian based Information Communication Technology (ICT) firm, is partnering with an international organisation to train 13,000 returnees from Libya and Malaysia.

The managing director,, Mr Anyanso Mma speaking with journalists after reviewing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the international organisation in Lagos explained that large numbers of Nigerians in Libya and Malaysia are faced with deportation frequently.

“ known for exploiting virtual reality learning in schools, training graduates on how to services motorbikes and formulating electronic-commerce business in markets and malls in Nigeria, is poised to create jobs for returnees with the international organisation after undergoing several presentation and workshop home and abroad,” he said, adding, “Those deported are struggling to survive. When they are back, there is no provision for them by the government. So, the international organisation in charge gives them some grants to be able to stabilise.

“These grants given to them are used by many to fund their next trip overseas. This organisation is now tired of giving grants. They wanted these returnees to stay and work it out which is what TheMap is championing. We want Nigerians to stay and work in Nigeria.

“We are telling returnees that it is not the end of the story but the beginning. We are going to be stepping in with the help of this international organisation who gives them grants to train them either as a brand locator or join our assemble line to couple motorbikes.

“They can go to any part of the world and assemble motorbikes. Some of these training last for three months only and we do empower them by setting up service centres for them. Within our own economy activities, there are multiple opportunities that are open.”

Speaking on virtual learning, he said schools in Nigeria lack access to library, noting that education should involve real life teaching for better understanding. He said has decided to bring virtual library into smart phone which is expected to enhance learning in schools across the country.

In his words, “We have decided to bring  school into the phone so that education becomes interesting, Beyond making education interesting for students in public and private schools, we want them to learn what they are taught.

“Rather than teaching them chemistry – telling them about Atom and they are not getting it because they can’t relate to how Atom looks like. We are taking education into a digital format where school’s courses are interactive via virtual learning. We want a situation where students can learn and at the same time can teach from experience. They are learning to pass examination but learning to impact.”

He explained that currently in partnership with private schools on virtual learning, stating that the MapNigeria aims to take virtual learning to government schools. “We want to partner with government to retrain teachers which will translate into impacting the students better.”

He noted that the is partnering with the Lagos state local governments as a starting point. “We are looking at three local governments. One school in each of the local government in Lagos state to start with. We are looking at how to partner with the teachers to train the students,” he explained.