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I Never Said Nigerian Politicians Are Fetish – Lagos Lawmaker



A Lawmaker in Lagos State House of Assembly Hon. Moshood Oshun has denied ever saying that Nigerian politicians are fetish. According to him,

“I never said that Nigerian Politicians use charms because I cannot defend it. The use of charms is a personal decision of any Nigerian be it Doctors, Journalists, Lawyers, Civil servants and other Professionals”.

He stated further that there are even politicians who don’t embrace traditional medicine and yet they are successful Politicians. Oshun posited that “There are Politicians who are not fetish. It is a matter of choice”.

He pointed out that there are people who prefer traditional medicine to tablets and it worked for them. According to the lawmaker, culture, tradition and religion differs adding that culture is away of live while religion is a way of worship.

He also suggested that that the use of social media to spread falsehood should be criminalized.