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The Labour Of Our ASUU Past



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Does it come as any surprise that Labour and ASSU are back to the same song and dance when they seemed to have the government by the balls?

The issues now have morphed and we have headlines screaming, “no salary, no pay” as a fallout of streamlining salary payments. The quarrel is something about loss of their hard-earned fight for autonomy, I don’t know anymore honestly. The age-old problem that eventually got 30k minimum wage, underwent some “consequential adjustment” as many of the states came forward highlighting the reasons why they can’t pay minimum wage.

Even at that time, some state governments came out and made it clear that they wouldn’t be able to pay the minimum wage even if prayers, fasting and sowing seeds were offered. We didn’t need the states to say that. It was common knowledge that states just didn’t pay salaries. They however used the matter rather tragically when it was time to campaign for the next season in but died and became a campaign ghost once the seat was clenched.