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If You Must Change A Government, Go On Mobilisation Spree



The Peoples Democratic Party handlers, not just in Kogi State, are not gifted with the power of wooing voters. They use archaic weapons of political mobilisation to woo voters forgetting that not everyone can be blackmailed and intimidated into buying a product that does not appeal to them. In Kogi for instance, I haven’t seen any agenda other than the ‘Bello Must Go gibberish.’ So, just because you want Bello out, therefore, you won’t tell us what you have in your kitty?

Abubakar Atiku towed this same line during the 2019 presidential elections when he used all his time talking about Buhari’s economy that he forgot to tell us why he wanted Buhari out. Like in Kogi, his handlers were more ingrained with energies of poking people with the ‘almightiness’ of Atiku that they forgot to sell him to anyone. In fact, so audacious were they that they started calling him the incoming president – even before election was conducted o! After he lost the elections, he was still padded with the consolation of ‘Atiku is Coming’ – a ploy deployed by the scammers around him to fleece him.

I engaged a PDP stalwart in Kogi recently and this is what he had to say: ”Only a bastard will vote Bello, a real Igala blood will vote Wada. ” I was more petrified with pity than rage. Here was an opportunity to sell your candidate who represents all tribes in Kogi and instead, you chose to declare fatwa on anyone who doesn’t vote your candidate. When has PDP become an Igala party to the extent that you now place curse on voters? Political inexperience and naivety can actually push people to hallucinate in confusion. Now, let’s even do the mathematics!

Are we saying all the local government chairmen appointed by Bello in Igala land, the appointees and elected executives and of course, the federal and state assembly members from Igala land and their family members will look away and vote Musa Wada of the PDP because they are Igalas? In politics, what matters ultimately is what one gets, how he gets it and who gives what. If we think because the PDP candidate is Igala, therefore, every Igala person will vote for him, then we are on a long thing of fallacy. Just like in Ebira Land, some will vote for Governor Bello and some will vote for Wada. Elections do not provide absolutism, therefore, let’s squash the idea of Igala votes going for one candidate – it will be shared between the two major candidates!

During the 2015 presidential elections, Col Sambo Dasuki went to the polling unit with nine members of his family, by the time the result was announced, Buhari of the APC scored 340 votes, while Goodluck Jonathan scored just five votes – meaning, even those who followed Dasuki from his household didn’t vote GEJ who was Dasuki’s boss!

The two major contenders must drop whatever atom of sentiment in their kitties, go to the voters armed with what to sell. Selling the wares of tribe and ethnicity won’t fly for people like us who are incubated beyond the banner of prejudice. If I must vote for you, it must be purely on your dossier and not the blue blood in your vein. As I always say, only weak people parade ethnicity, religion and other primordial umbrellas as unique selling points. Kogi is for everyone regardless of your status- whoever emerges, will be the governor of all tribes. For those brewing for war, while you prepare for showdown in Igala land, be reminded that the guns will kill no tribe but Igala brothers and sisters, take it easy on yourselves. In the end, Bello and Wada will have a meeting point of interest.

The Kogites with itchy fingers writing very bad narratives about your state on social media, you are killing the profile of those not defined by politics. When others are presenting the profile of their best people, you tabulate the media sphere with tales of thuggery, cultism and political shenanigans – like the only thing Kogi is known for is politics!

Go to the grassroots, mobilise voters for your candidates, spare us the whining and de-marketing of Kogi State. The people here won’t vote in the November 16 elections. You are doing more harm to the image of the state with the pro and anti positions of your government.

Grab something doing for the meantime, stop the dirty linen washing of your state, beyond politics, there is greatness in your state. One of the best gynecologists in Nigeria is from Kogi, the brain box behind Dangote’s fortune is from Kogi, two leading advocates of youthful governance in the map of development programmes are Kogites – remember Hamzat B. Lawal and Samson Itodo? Most professors in our universities across Nigeria are from Kogi.

Why reduce the narrative of your state to just politics and its absurdities? And if you must change a government or sustain it, why not go on mobilisation spree at the grassroots instead of rushing to social media to outdo yourselves on who reports the bad news most? Beyond politics there is there Kogi brands, stop soiling the image of your state because of the pickles of political interest.


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