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Agony Of A Depraved Society



Nigeria was once a state with high sense of decency and decorum. It was not difficult then knowing when something was wrong, or better still getting a blanket condemnation for any act that did not meet societal expectation. In that Nigerian society then, people stood up to speak against evil not minding where it was coming from.

It was a society where everyone was his brother’s keeper and the society’s norms were held high by everybody. It was a society then where diligence and protocol were observed; and there was fear of repercussions for any misdeed. Nobody wanted or dared to confront societal laid down rules not to talk of desecrating them.

But that era is gone. We are in a new era where there is too much quest for knowledge, which ordinarily should not give us concern but for the negative inclination of such knowledge. There is no doubt that the world is moving at an alarming speed, and things that the society once held sacred and in high respect have lost every consideration and myth built around them.

The society is now held in utter consternation as things have gone bad and degenerated to a level of pity, insanity and regret. The society has been taken hostage and is at a crossroad on how to recover and retake its lost standards.

It is irritating and nauseating reading the absurdities and abnormalities that have become the lot of Nigeria today. Activities and behaviors that were once considered taboos have become entrenched, and received stamp of acceptance in the psyche of the society, and the burden is weighing the society down. Nothing seems out of place again because everything has become normal and rationalised.

Not only have we accepted westernisation and civilization with both hands but embraced it with all our heart, mind and soul. Before I am misunderstood, I do not have anything against Nigeria’s  embrace of westernisation but I have everything against the way we, Nigerians have allowed it to negatively define us and everything about us. The moral torpid that has engulfed the nation has never been witnessed in this magnitude, and it is increasing by the day.

There are tale-tell signs of depravity written all over Nigerian society. From one region of the country to another, the signs are so glaring that one does not need a microscope or a prophet to say it. It is a rude shock that in Nigeria of today, trust has become the scarcest commodity. Taking people into confidence is now at a great risk while entrusting your valuables to others, even very close relations has become a nightmare. The revelations of sordid events that happen in our society today leaves one more bemused than any other thing. There are no more boundaries in the way we live or do things as everything has become liberalised and at the disposition and discretion of persons involved.

We have all of a sudden become a nation without conscience. Violence and violent activities have become deeply ingrained in our society. People do no longer consider actions abominable, and acts atrocious because we have grown past the age of evoking sentiments and emotions to look at issues. Because we have become a highly liberalised and westernised society, in fact, more westernised than the western countries, and so we easily justify our actions because it is our life to live and we want to live it in full not minding that others may suffer in the course of our living that life. We have killed the Africa in us and joined the imperialists to destroy our common values and heritages. It is in the interest of the western world that we lose touch with our root, and jettison those things which earlier made us better society than theirs.

The consequences of the sale of our soul to the devil in the name of westernisation and civilisation are here with us – living with us. The aftermaths are too grave for us to comprehend. Every item of decency in our Nigerian society of today has been desecrated. Decency has become the exception rather than the rule. We have more criminals today than the laws that are enacted to cage them. Too many sane mad people roaming our streets, and predators as our leaders. The conquered has become the conqueror. Our founding fathers are restless and grieving in their graves because of what we have turned into. This was never the nation they fought to free from imperialist hold. It never was their dream of a society where peace, love and unity reign. The society today is a mimic of their ideal society.

We have manifested in every way signs of a society in trouble. But our situation is more pathetic and agonizing because we seem not to know that we are encircled and sentenced to hopelessness; suffering from delirium.

We have all become victims of this madness that has infected our society. Our morality has been conquered and pilloried; every iota of decency, decorum and preservation driven into obscurity. What other evidence do we need as a people to reinforce our state of depravation – fathers raping their daughters, incest is on all time high like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, teachers are violating students/pupils entrusted to their care, religious leaders are defiling their female members, kidnapping has become a big and profitable economic venture, denial of justice to the deserving, celebration of awkward and weird lifestyles, killings and wastage of life at the slightest reason, abuse of rights, children are engineering their own kidnap to extort money from their parents, monetisation of justice, impunity and impudence are elevated to an all-time high, men are raping chickens to death, men are having sex with their mothers, parents are buying expos for their children to pass exams, prostitution at all levels is an accepted norm, corruption in high places is celebrated, marital violence is escalating, gangsterism reigns, child trafficking offers high returns, illegal detention centers of children are mushrooming, cultism and hooliganism are encouraged, cybercrime is trending, drug addiction amongst youths has become a sign of machoism, executive lawlessness is beyond control, avarice and self-centeredness is at worrisome dimension, the level of lawlessness is scary.

It will be fruitless asking, what is going on, and who did this to our society. We brought it upon ourselves by closing our eyes to evil, and to some ridiculous extent giving support to it. We failed to do that which was expected of us. The seed we planted has become a shrub and looking impossible to uproot. Our elders are at home eating, drinking and snuffing their tobacco boxes while the goat dies in tethers. Is it that they did not read the handwriting on the wall or deliberately ignored it thereby allowing this calamity to befall our society? They did nothing to caution and save the society but rather were deeply involved in plundering and violating the society. What a sad call on the society and the great price we have to pay?


– Iheanacho is a media consultant, and writes from Lagos