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UNIPROS Launches Software to Ease Entrepreneur’s Stress of Doing Businesses



…Unveils Legendary Actor, Bob Manuel Udokwu as Ambassador for Africa

A US based IT Firm, UNIPROS Solutions has launched  software targeted for easing the bottlenecks associated with successfully running Small and Medium scale Businesses in Nigeria towards enhancing accountability, promoting transparency and efficiency.

According to a statement made available to Newsmen by the Company’s Representative in Nigeria, Dr. PROSPECT Mlemchukwu, the software, UNIPROS SOLUTIONS, would tremendously help Entrepreneurs including Multinationals, Banks, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Schools, Service Centers and other top brands on record keeping, inventory taking, accounting and auditing with an amazing ease.

“With UNIPROS, your business is safe”, Mlemchukwu said. The statement further reads that “take for instance, before the start of business day, the software take record, and after the close of business, the software take record, thus as an employer, you can measure efficiency and productivity of your employees from your system or tab anywhere you are.

“Also, if you run a supermarket, you can record all your supplies through UNIPROS; so by the time half of the products are sold out, all you need to do is to use the software to calculate the number of products sold and multiply by the amount it goes for. Any minus from expected profit means your employees have questions to answer.

“All you need to do is to take inventory at the moment of supply and go on your way. It is a tech that cannot be altered. Banks are now installing it for their tellers who handle cash deposit and withdrawals because it can easily trace shortages and overages.

“If you own a school, you can use it to measure the efficiency of your teachers and students. If you own a clinic, the patients and your staff can be measured through it, it is that useful“he said.

On the affordability of the software, the company assured that the software is very easy to apply, stressing that “It’s just software, very easy to use, it has proven a success story in other parts of the world, it’s just one step away, simply log on to, you will find all the answers you want.”

In another development, the Company has unveiled a legendary Nolywood Star, Bob Manuel Udokwu as its Ambassador for Africa.

The Nigerian Representative of the Brand, Dr PROSPECT Mlemchukwu who spoke on the choice of the Legendary actor as the face of the Brand in Africa stated that Just like Ndokwu who had been in the industry for over two decades with unfading relevance, UNIPROS is aimed at helping businesses succeed with ensured longevity.

Mlemchukwu reiterated that UNIPROS has over 500 Solutions for small and Medium Businesses, from Schools, to Hospitals to the hospitality industry, to Government firms, adding that the Software helps entrepreneurs to block theft, minimizes loss, keeps records which leads to profit maximization.”

Speaking at the event where he was unveiled by UNIPROS Communications group, Bob Udokwu expressed delight about the endorsement, saying that “he is happy not just about the deal, but about an opportunity to provide Solutions to Businesses in Nigeria as well as Africa.”

The award winning Actor said “I became more ecstatic about becoming part of the family when I found out that UNIPROS meant so good for a Nigerian business owners. The software is simply a business made easy software, from Small business to Medium Scale business, the service got you covered” The actor added.