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Zamfara: Who Is Afraid Of Yari? 



Apparently, worried by the rising political profile of the immediate past governor of Zamfara state Dr Abdul’aziz Yari, his predecessor and successor in office have been plotting to tarnish his 8-year tenure by embarking on alleged campaign of calumny against him.

To this end, some political sycophants under Senator Sani Yarima have been hired to misinform the public by making undue effort to smear and tarnish the good reputation of His Excellency (Dr) Abdul’aziz Yari.

Recently, a fake story of many decampees alleged to be from the APC to the PDP was sold to the public through some selected media channels while Senator Ahmed Sani also granted interviews to the media claiming that the Zamfara APC review case at the Supreme Court would just be like that of Imo, a wasted effort.

We, the Zamfara Concerned Citizens (ZCC), therefore, advise Sen Ahmed Sani to brace up for political retirement because Hon. Abdulaziz Yari has already taken over Zamfara state as a political pillar and both of them would soon be history politically.

Abdulaziz Yari is an institution who represents a symbol of humility and good virtues. He is trustworthy, incorruptible; transparent, disciplined, meticulous, law abiding, selfless, God-fearing, humane and tolerant. Yari is a magnificent achiever and a great leader of global accomplishment. He is highly intelligent, cosmopolitan, brave, determined, indomitable and focused leader who is progressive in all ramifications.

He stands tall in the test of time because of his unrepentant zeal for the well being of his people. He is a leader with a listening ear. Yari, as a people oriented leader with uncommon vision and perseverance especially in his collective courage as a team player for better Nigerian society can never be intimidated or quashed by any frustrated, mediocrity and desperate political wanderers.

Indeed, from the political evolution of the global existence down to history of Nigeria, the activities of great leaders are measured by the degree of their capacity to practically transform their society to a better and developed communities of happiness and peace, and this Yari did. He has had a very intractable and uncommon record of historic legacies which is apparently next to none in Zamfara state. He is a coordinated politician and surrounded with exceptionally intelligent people.

Yari comes from a reputable royal lineage with ample affluence, principality and prominence. Yari has never enjoyed any a scintilla of favour from Yarima or whatsoever. Yarima was nobody as the time he met Yari. He rode on and used Yari, who has been a state party secretary, to gain temporary unethical and undue political advantages with malfeasant attitude which today have decimated him and his cronies to zero level of political relevance, owing to their misgivings.

Zamfara state, since its birth, has never had it so good in terms of governance, as the Yari’s people-oriented and persuasive democratic manners of administration.

For Yari to mobilise Senate President on the issue of Supreme Court judgement review and in support of his candidates Muktar Idris (Kagunan Zamfara) shows that Yari is an influential, trustworthy, dependable, predictable, visionary, patriotic, detribalised, scientific, bold, humble, articulate and accommodative Nigerian.

Similarly, it was even funny for Yarima and his co-travellers to think that, Yari is now realising his mistakes or is becoming desperate in retaining.

Yari sees leadership as a social responsibility to respond to his people’s needs. He never views leadership as a venture of commercialisation and hooliganism as was outrightly portrayed by previous Yarima’s government and the current administration of Bello Matawalle.

Yari has been a fearless and dogged freedom-fighter, who has constitutional rights to make a choice of any rightful decision as citizen of Federal Republic of Nigeria and he will never succumb to cheap blackmails and fallacious fabrications by legion of mischievous paid passengers with social characterization of legacy of hopelessness and despair with colour of negative brandishment of hate figures using all kinds of ploy or prank.

The truth is that evil men never do good and never see any good in good people and good places. Yari is a well learned and refined personality who appreciates everyone especially the good people of Zamfara state, and all Nigerians, irrespective of status, religion and tribe.

President Muhammadu Buhari is not an ingrate and can never forget so soon the role Yari collectively played in bringing PMB to power using his seat as Chairman Nigerian Governors Forum and Zamfara APC will soon become victorious at the Supreme Court.

Gusau is Secretary, Zamfara Concerned Citizens