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Farmers Group Compliments FG Agro Policy, Launches New Agro App



As the Federal Government upscales the move to ensure food sufficiency and increased profitability for farmers through revolutionisation of agriculture, a key stakeholder, Farmers Without Boarders, originally known as Nigeria Farmers Group and Cooperative Society (NFGCS) has launched one of Nigeria’s leading agriculture apps to enable investors in the sector access business opportunities available on the platform from any part of the world.

The idea, according to Retson Tedheke, national coordinator of NFGCS, is driven by a visionary energy with the conviction to enhance the lives of farmer by utilizing science and technology to connect farmers across the world and provide them the opportunity to invest without breaking a sweat.

He added that the initiative will optimise digitalisation and expand business opportunities in the agricultural sector.

“You can be an active player in the agro sector without being practically involved”, said Retson who explained to journalists that the application will enable farmers to optimize their resources and profits by utilizing the features and information the app provides.

Currently hundreds of Nigerians, particularly youths have subscribed to the agro-mobile application called, `Ga’atevest,’ to explore the potential in agriculture sector.

The National Coordinator of the Nigeria Farmers Group and Cooperative Society (NFGCS), Mr Tedheke Retson, made this known while conducting journalists round its over 3000 hectares farm centre in Ga’ate, Nasarawa State on Wednesday.

Retson said the application which was recently launched is targeted at three million subscribers within four months and expressed optimism to beat the figure few weeks from here.

While he assured Nigerians of the benefits of the platform, Retson said the idea was part of NFGCS’s effort to make farming attractive to the teeming unemployed youth in Nigeria who are already being affected by the ever increasing population.

He said, “the biggest challenge today is that agriculture in Nigeria is struggling because leadership and structures around financing do not understand the importance of agriculture.

“How can Nigeria have an average youth population that is 19 years old, a full population of about 200million, a youth population in excess of about 70 million, average age of 19 and we are hungry.

“We are not just hungry, we are broke and what the over 70 million youths are doing is how to trek through the desert to Europe to chase greener pastures when we have land, people and untapped opportunities.

“Ga’atevest is designed to help Nigerians key into a vision that is larger than us.

“Farming no doubt is difficult because across every length and breathe of this country, the basic things are not done and what is basic, it is infrastructure, enabling environment for farmers to thrive,” he said.

The coordinator explained that with the mobile platform, investors could own plots of land, cattle, chicken and other farm produce while having returns on them.

He further explained that investors could go into the various value chains in farming including farming, processing and marketing through farm crowdy without putting in so much effort.

He called for enabling environment to encourage agriculture, saying it was the mainstay of the economy.

He stressed that, “what the average Nigerian farmer needs as access road to convey their goods from farm to market in not a tar road, just simply use asphalt and they are okay. We need electricity.

“The solution to the problem of the Nigerian farmer is simple and Ga’atevest is directed towards solving a problem that exists with micro financing in Nigeria agricultural sector.

“The biggest challenge we have had is that we do not love this country enough. If we don’t love this country we cannot grow it.

“There were days when palm oil, garri and other farm produce were vital, today all of us are looking at crude oil.

“As at today the price of oil has plummeted from about 53 dollar per barrel to about 35 dollar per barrel,” he said.

Retson expressed optimism that with the opportunities in agriculture, Nigeria could be one of the leading economies in the world.