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These Foods Can Slowly Weaken Your Immune System



We try every possible thing to stay fit and healthy. After all, a healthy body and sane mind is all we need to survive the challenges of this fast paced world. Right from exercising to eating healthy, we try our best to stay abreast with all fitness trends. But we often end up overlooking those little things and we binge to relieve our stress, and even when we pay heed to all this, we feel that our workout and healthy habits would save us from the adversities.
As the world battles the deadliest virus attacks of all time, this phase has been an awakening for most of us. With no accurate line of treatment or vaccination, the only way to stay safe is by building a rock solid immune system. As they say, ‘Rome wasn’t built in one day’, building a strong immune system needs a lot of effort along with that parting ways with food that slowly weaken your metabolism and immunity. Here’s a low down on foods that we eat almost every now and then to please our taste buds without realising how they affect our immunity in the long run.
Candies, gums and jellies
A little sweet indulgence wouldn’t do any harm’, assuming this we often treat ourselves with some delicious candies and jellies, which perfectly satiate our soul with their taste, but can affect our health in the long run. These sugar-loaded candies lift up our mood instantly and this happens due to the presence of sugar. Excess of sugar consumption causes inflammation and this further affects our health by weakening the white blood cells. Wbc in our blood is known to fight infections and antibodies. Hence, consuming too much sugary candies in the long run can affect your immune system and can also lead to diseases like diabetes and cholesterol.
Berries are great for health, but too much of anything isn’t good. This super delicious berry can add life to anything it is added to! But did you know too much of strawberries can lower your immunity. Strawberries release a component called histamine, which leads to congestion. An increase in Histamine can lead to a sense of discomfort in your nose and can aggravate sinus issues.
We mostly start our day with this super relaxing blend, right from being the best stress buster to a perfect way to spend time with friends, coffee happens to be an inseparable part of our lives. But we often feel a strange discomfort caused due to bloating, this is because coffee has caffeine and too much consumption of coffee leads to indigestion, bloating and an upset stomach. Apart from that, too much coffee can also make you feel dehydrated. Caffeine is diuretic, which makes you feel dehydrated and can also make you feel nauseated.
Chips and wafers
Chips make for the best binge-worthy companions, but did you know that a packet full of chips can actually make you unhealthy. Loaded with salt and fats, this processed pack of goodness is no doubt delicious, but too much of salt can weaken your immune system in the long run and cause disorders like high blood pressure and cholesterol.
Ice Creams
Ice creams are the saviours, when it comes to beating the scorching heat. No wonder, its delicious taste is so alluring that resisting it becomes tough, but if you are someone who overindulges in this sinful delight, then it might be time to hit the pause button. This sweet delight is loaded with full fat cream and milk, which makes it high in saturated fats. Apart from that the added sugar in ice creams increase inflammation and spike the sugar level instantly.
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