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Subscribers Eulogise Glo Cloud For Facilitating Digital Storage



Subscribers to the Globacom network have eulogised the Glo Cloud services which enables them to easily back up their digital life and activities including photos, videos, music, and documents, especially in the ongoing COVID-19 period.

Glo Cloud, which was introduced earlier  in the year, assumed  wider popularity for its  relevance and value in the COVID-19 era  that people are doing so much on the internet, such as  online classes for children, working from home, online worship, generation and sharing of heavy videos, pictures, and other  online businesses.

The app is provisioned to assist Glo data users to safely and privately store, back up automatically, retrieve and share digital content from their cloud accounts. Glo Cloud users can store their digital contents to the size of their subscriptions. “For instance, if a customer subscribed for 50GB, he or she will be able to store up to 50GB of content,” Glo explained.

One of the respondents, a Lagos-based surveyor, Iyke Kujemmi, said Glo Cloud has helped him store large files pertaining to his customers’ properties. “My children who engage in home schooling as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic also store their lesson notes on my device using Glo Cloud,” he said.

Bridget Apata, another Glo customer in Lagos whose children use Glo Cloud, said that the ease of storage that the app provides is second to none. “I have for long sought a telecommunications solution to my need to store salient files and documents. Glo Cloud app came handy,” she enthused.

Similarly, Monica Johnson, an Abeokuta-based  digital photographer, said she  downloaded the  Glo Cloud application from Google Play and it has been serving her well.