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Borno Contracts Services Of Forensic Auditors To Block Revenue Leakages



In a bid to ensure maximum generation of its internally generated revenue  ( IGR  ) , Borno State government has contracted the services of consultant forensic auditors to audit and recover revenue from various agencies in the State.

The State’s Commissioner of Finance, Budget and Economic Planning,  Adamu Alhaji Lawan, disclosed this in Maiduguri.

He said the State deployed the measures as a result of several federal government agencies in the State who have not been remitting the payee of their workers, thereby depriving the State huge sums in revenue.

Hon. Lawan noted that all federal workers living in the State were supposed to be paying their payee to the State, but regretted that for the past six to ten years, the federal agencies in the state have not been remitting payee of their workers to the State government.

” So with that, we now engaged the services of consultant forensic auditors to actually audit all the federal agencies and at the end of the day, we were able to come out with a figure which is N8.2 billion, that is what they owed and are supposed to remit to Borno State.

” We don’t have problem with federal agencies, we wrote the federal ministry of finance where they get their money. It is not only Borno State, most States did it and our share of federal government payee is N8.2 billion.

” So the federal government said they are going to pay through the federal ministry of finance to various States but don’t have enough money to pay, so they decided to pay 25 percent of it to all the States that it is owing.  We got the 25 percent this year which is about N1.8 billion.

” You know it is part of our revenue . So that one actually boosted our revenue collection this year, with that we were able to come close to achieving the year’s IGR budget of N4.6 billion.  So we are expecting before the end of the year, the 75 percent or at least 50 percent will be paid to us. And with our Single Treasury Account, we hope that we will even surpass the N10 billion revenue we targeted for this year,” the Commissioner said.