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COVID-19: Healing Of The Earth Has Begun – Archbishop Irefin



Chairman, International Missionary Crusade Fellowship, Archbishop David Irefin speaks with ERNEST NZOR on his religious group and the Coronavirus pandemic

What does brotherhood mean in the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star?

Brotherhood is the new kingdom of God on earth (Dan 2:44). Brotherhood means oneness. Brotherhood constitutes all things created by God and our Lord Jesus Christ as the head. It means all angels, spirits, fishes, animals, birds, water, wind, rain, thunder, the human family, etc. In fact, brotherhood means God, thus, it is not a church, sect, cult, movement.

What is the position of your leader, Olumba Olumba Obu, on the Coronavirus pandemic?

The leader Olumba Olumba Obu has already overcome the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, he ordered the archangels, angels and spirits to commence the healing of the earth. Very soon all the precautionary measures will be a thing of the past.

Aside the pandemic, what else is the message of Olumba Olumba Obu to the world?

Olumba Olumba Obu has a mission in this last advent. His mission is three fold; to change man from sinfulness to a standard expected of him by God. To unite the human family, where there is no colour of your skin, sex, age, class and religion. To establish the Kingdom of God on earth where righteousness and peace dwell. The leader Olumba Olumba Obu says the scripture is fulfilled in our time. This is that time that there should be one sheepfold under one shepherd, our Lord Jesus the Christ. Accountable for the sheep they are misleading. Give account of the money made through false miracles performed in the name of Jesus Christ.

That they will not be recognised in the council of heaven, failure of the rulers of countries and nations to key into “love” as the only instrument of governance is responsible for the current Coronavirus pandemic. Olumba warns all the presidents, prime ministers, kings, queens
and traditional rulers to do away with hatred, lies, oppression, discrimination, wickedness and manufacturing weapons of mass destruction as these actions will never guarantee them desired peace, security and stability.

So what are the marked differences between Brotherhood of the Cross and Star and other Christian

Brotherhood of Cross and Star and other Christian denominations are not the same. Brotherhood is not a church; it is the Kingdom of God on Earth. You know when the disciples went to our Lord Jesus and asked to teach them how to pray, he said our father who art in heaven hallow be thy name, thy kingdom come , that Kingdom is the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star which foundation was laid by our Lord Jesus Christ as recorded in Matthew 6:9-11.

In the Christendom, they make so much noise and they don’t practise the word of God, they don’t love one another, they are so divided. They could be likened to the Pharisees and Sadducees of those days in the first advent of our Lord Jesus Christ. They don’t do what they preach.

They discriminate; they think they are better than other people. However, in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, irrespective of their religion, we see all of them as children of God. In fact, children of the same Father. In Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, we do exactly what we preach that is why Leader Olumba Olumba Obu stands out as the only supernatural teacher. He puts to practice all what he preaches and directs his followers to do same. That is why whatever they say about him, he does not care, he forgives and takes you back as his child.

But is it Olumba that you people worship or God Almighty?

Leader Olumba Olumba has come to teach us the word of God and how to worship Him. Before his coming, nobody knew how to worship God in the whole world. Leader Olumba Olumba is the one who has come to teach us the doctrine of Christ and how to worship God. He knocks his head on the ground and teaches us to follow same. What he does, is what he tells us to do. He has come to lead us to God.