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Extension Officers Need Govt Support To Function Optimally – Othman



The executive director  of National Agricultural Extension and Research
Liaison Services, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,
Prof Mohammed Othman, has said that for extension officers to function
optimally in Agriculture, they need the support of both the federal and state

He made the statement today, while speaking during a Webinar on ‘Smallholder Women Farmers’ Access to Extension Services and Inputs within and Post COVID-19 Confirmation.’

According to Othman, extension officers play a major role to farmers, and they need all the help they can get from both
the federal and, especially, the state governments, in order to be able to properly help the farmers be more

“Extension officers, though highly
indispensable in Agricultural production,
are unable to carry out their duties to farmers extensively as much as they should, due to several challenges, like
Logistics, because they, a lot of times, have to travel long distances to reach
communities where the farmers are, so that they can attend to them. Many
are, sometimes, unable to do so due to high cost of transportation.

“Infrastructural materials likecomputers, internet and smart phones are
essential tools for them to function, but many of them don’t have access to this,
which is very unfortunate.

He added that there is need for continual capacity building for extension officers, so that they can teach the farmers the right things to do. Extension officers need to be up-to￾date, and be well versed in the current trend of farming methods and production, so that they can teach the farmers correctly instead of being