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Samsung Launches Galaxy A71, A51



Leading electronics company, Samsung, has said the Galaxy A71 and A51 it recently launched into the market has features that provide users exceptional experience.

In a statement by the company made available to LEADERSHIP, said the new product has features similar to the Flagship devices- Note and S-Series; one of which is the unique Quad Camera set up.Head, department of information technology and mobile, Samsung Nigeria, Adetunji Taiwo, in the statement said the 64MP Main camera of the A71 is top notch that works alongside three other cameras to provide clear and detailed pictures.

According to him, “The struggle of trying to get everyone into one single picture or rushing to find a neighboring photographer just to get the perfect and all inclusive picture has become history.

The 123 degree Ultra wide angle camera of these devices gets everyone and the surroundings into one single clear shot.“The macro and live focus cameras of the A71 delivers an exceptional close up and crystal clear image capturing every last detail.

This presents a huge opportunity to online business traders with the need to provide close up product images to potential consumers for purchase consideration.“The Quad Camera intelligently detects blinks, blurs, smudged lenses and excessive backlighting, notifies the users who can then adjust and reshoot.

“These cameras definitely deliver Crisp, Sharp, Clear and beautifully colored pictures with many Flagship modes and additions.“The feedback from the first half was very impressive and we continue to look forward to an amazing consumer experience for as many individuals who revel in exceptional features at great value.”