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Shiite Not Planning Any African Gathering In Sokoto – Shiekh Sidi



The Shiite group, otherwise addressed as Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) have debunked insinuations that, they are planning to host their members from across Africa in Sokoto state.

Speaking for the group, it’s leader in Sokoto, Shiekh Sidi Mainasara said contrary to the decisive narrative been sold to many by the security agencies that they are planning to host such a religious event, it is a gathering only for brethren from Sokoto state.

“We are not having any IMN African meeting in Sokoto as its speculated by the security agency.

“Though, we have it in good account that the Nigeria Police is making efforts to stop our gatherings. However, we want to remind them that it is not in any way criminal for us to gather for our religion, as enshrined in the Constitution of Nigeria”.

Giving reasons for the upcoming July 20th gathering, Sheikh Mainasara said, it was to pray for the repose of their members that were killed in the state in 2007.

According to him, about 13 of their members were killed, another 1000 illegally detained and over 200 houses belonging to their members destroyed in Sokoto in 2007.

The IMN while assuring that they are people that follow peace and due process, expressed fears over activities of the security personnel as a possible replica of their experience in 2007.

“We are seeing same thing that happened to us in 2007 coming back in a different form. But, let it be known that, it will get to one point that we will no longer continue to take all the oppression from the Nigerian security forces”.

Sheikh Mainasara also accused the sokoto state government of not only witch haunting its members but also dismissing them from the service.

“We have a least of 106 members of IMN that were dismissed from the services of Sokoto state civil service.

“I am an example, I was working with Primary Education board and reached the position of Supervisor at grade level 15 before I was dismissed in 2007 because of my religious believe” Shiekh Mainasara said.