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AMEBO’S KORNER: Between Telemundo Series And Zee World



I have been an ardent follower of Telemundo series right from the 80s till date. From Secret of the Sand, Paloma, Roots, The Rich Also Cry, No One But You, and many others, the script writers have continued to improve on the suspense and reality of the novellas. There is no new season of Telemundo that won’t keep you hooked and wanting never to miss an episode.

Their recent series like LA Patrona, Santa Diabla, Way To Paradise, Lord of the Skies have continued to be the best that any lover of their series could get. The seriousness and time the scriptwriters put in making sure they bring something exceptional to every episode is what makes them thick. The recent is “Way to Paradise” that I’m so loving and glued to, wanting to know what would happen in the next episode. What about “Lord of the Skies”? It would have been an award winning series if it were not just an English translation.

Each episode is action-packed and thrilling. I must commend them for what they do and they should keep it up.

But for Zee World, “The Heir” will continue to be its story that wasn’t too fake and uninteresting to me. I wonder why they put out all those energy to make their fans feel bad and uninterested in their series.

Many of of Zee World fans I have discussed their soaps with aren’t happy about the fakeness of their scripting. The suspense is dying down everyday and many aren’t following them anymore.

When the first African/Bollywood started off, it was met with great interest and full of expectations, but it turned out to be somehow. “Twist of Faith” and “This is Fate” are all going the same way. I think the script writers and sponsors should focus on improving their series and watch how Telemundo series are made if they don’t want to lose their fans. I am waiting for the series that would sweep me off my feet. But for now, I’m glued to “Way To Paradise”.