1×2 in Betting: What Does a 1×2 Bet Mean?

In simple terms, this betting market involves backing the results of a game with three possible outcomes: home win, away win, and draw. A ‘1' represents a home team winning, the ‘x' is a draw or tie between two teams and the ‘2' represents the away team winning.

Note that you won't get the 1×2 betting markets in a sport that is impossible to draw.

1x2 betting meaning

What is the Meaning of 1×2 in Betting?

A 1×2 bet is the most common bet you'll encounter while betting on sports. However, not all punters understand how 1×2 bet works at first.

If you are unsure what this type of betting market is, you're definitely in the right place. Look at our guide below to see the 1×2 betting meaning and learn how to take advantage of this famous sports bet option.

An Example Of 1X2 Betting

If you bet for a home team (1) to win and they win, then you get the prize. But you lose your bet if that match ends in a draw (X) or an away (2) win. In the same way, if you back the visitor's team (2), then they must win the match for you to win, and if your bet is backing a draw (X), then the final result must be teams sharing equal points for you to win your bet.

what is the meaning of 1x2 in betting

Let's take the example of the upcoming match between Man City and Nottm Forest. Man City is represented by 1 in the Full Time Result market because they are playing at home team. Nottm Forest is the away or visitors team, represented by the 2, while X represents the draw. If you look at the odds, Man City is the favourite at 1.24. Nott Ham is the visitors' team, with odds of 9.50, and the draw is at 4.87.

How To Calculate 1×2

The returns for 1×2 are calculated as below:

Formula: Odds x Stake = Potential Return

Mancity (1.24), Draw (4.87), Nottm Ham (1.24).

  • If you stake ₦1,000 on 1 (Man City) to win, you will likely win 1,000 x 1.24 = ₦1,240.
  • If you back away team (X) with a stake of ₦1,000), the potential win will be 1,000 x 4.87 = ₦4,870.
  • A stake of ₦1,000 on 2 (Nottm Ham) will win 1,000 x 9.50 = ₦9,500

1×2 Accumulator Bets

You have the option to use the 1×2 market to bet on a single bet on a specific team (or draw), or you can decide to make a selection of two or more and place a 1×2 accumulator bet. But note that 1×2 combined bets have some disadvantages since all the odds must match on the betting sheet to win. But winnings are always higher than a single bet. It means you will lose the entire Stake if one of your selections loses.

1x2 betting meaning

The 1×2 accumulator bets can increase the potential profits, but the risk is higher since all your selected outcomes must be correct.

1×2 Double Chance Bets

Double chance betting means betting on two possible outcomes out of the three — for instance, Double Chance 1X, Double Chance 2X, or Double Chance 12. For example, selecting the 1X Bet option means that the (1) home team can win the match, or the game may end in a (X) draw. However, this bet comes with lower odds.

Most Common Sports for 1X2 Betting

Not all sports have a 1×2 betting option. The 1X2 betting option is only found in sports that can end in a draw and only applies to sports with three possible outcomes. Football is a popular sport for this betting option. In football betting, you can bet that the match will end with the (1) home team win, (2) away team win, or (X) draw.

Many other sports are very popular for 1X2 Betting. These sports include cricket, Ice Hockey, basketball, Formula One, and others. Sports betting companies are taking advantage of the fact that 1X2 Betting is one of the most accessible options for most players, making it a famous betting market in sports betting. You can try 1×2 bet at bet9ja. For this read bet9ja promotion code article before to unlock the welcome bonus.

meaning of 1x2 in betting

1X2 Betting Tips

Now you know the meaning of 1×2 in Betting, but how to win 1×2? There are a few things to consider when betting on 1X2. First of all, study the forms of the two teams. If a team has a good run of form when playing at home, you can expect they might win their next home game. Some teams do very well when playing at home, while others do poorly when playing away matches.

Advantages of 1×2 Betting

1×2 Betting comes with many benefits:

✔️ 1 x 2 betting is simple to understand.

✔️ This betting option is available for many sports

✔️ The 1×2 betting options usually come with better payouts

FAQ regarding 1×2 betting

What does 2nd half 1X2 mean?

In 1X2, 2nd HalfHalf implies that you must predict the result only considering the second HalfHalf, without mentioning the result at half-time.

Do All Sports Offer 1X2 Bets?

No, the 1X2 betting market is only available in sports categories where the draw is possible. Some examples include football, cricket, basketball, and rugby.

Does 1X2 Bet Include Extra time?

Extra time or overtime doesn't count on the 1X2 betting results. This means only points scored during the official time will count towards the 1X2 bet.

What does 1×2 betting meaning in Betting?

This betting option involves wagering on a match involving two teams that can end in either home win, draw, or away win.

meaning of 1x2 in betting

Our understanding of 1×2 betting

1X2 Betting is the most common form of Betting and is the simplest way any punter can understand. Since you can bet on the three outcomes, multiples, and in-play Betting it's a bet that offers many possibilities.

This kind of betting offers a better option for bettors who like to place their bets on the outcomes of matches rather than on other options like corners, goals, player markets, or other options.

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