How to Withdraw From Bet9ja?

Bet9ja is dedicated to offering Nigerians an extensive collection of sports betting services. You may want to withdraw your money if you have won a bet on bet9ja. But the question is how to withdraw from bet9ja after winning. The process of cashing out money from bet9ja is straightforward.

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How to Withdraw From Bet9ja Step by Step

For your journey of betting online in Nigeria, let's look at the Bet9ja withdrawal process. This summarized step-by-step guide has been created to help you efficiently withdraw money from your Bet9ja account. Here is a simple procedure to follow:

  1. First of all, register using the be9ja promotion code. Next, head to the login button and enter your username and password.
  2. After logging in, locate the “My Account” section or “Account” tab on the website. Make sure you have sufficient balance in your account that you want to withdraw.
  3. Select the “Withdraw” option. This will initiate the withdrawal process.
  4. You will be required to enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Ensure the amount you want to cash out falls within the withdrawal limits.
  5. Then cliсk оn thе “соnfirm” button.
  6. You must now choose SMS or email to receive the OTP to confirm your request. Once you enter the OTP correctly, your withdrawal request will be completed, and you will get a confirmation message once the transaction is complete.
how to withdraw from Bet9ja

Available Withdrawal Methods in Bet9ja Nigeria

When withdrawing funds from your Bet9ja account, you should know that the site offers a range of withdrawal options. In fact, you have over ten different withdrawal options to choose from.

The list includes some of the most common methods available in Nigeria, including Emailmoni, OPay, Instant Deposit Cards, Bank Wire Transfer, Instant Bank Wire Transfer, Nibss, and Quickteller. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours depending on the option you choose.

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Bet9ja Withdrawal Limits

Before withdrawing money from your Bet9ja, you need to know what is the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn from a Bet9ja is ₦5,000. The maximum amount varies depending on the type of withdrawal method that had been chosen. For example, when using Bank Transfers, the maximum amount you can withdraw is ₦9,999,999 per transaction, while for Quickteller and OPay are ₦500,000.

Problem With Bet9ja Withdrawal

When withdrawing from Bet9ja, there are procedures to follow to ensure a successful payout. However, you may encounter some issues that can delay your payout. Here are some common problems and solutions.

  • Your withdrawal method is not registered with Bet9ja. Make sure that your bank account is registered with Bet9ja.
  • Maybe your account is not verified. Bet9ja may require you to verify your account to withdraw money from your Bet9ja betting account. Provide with the required documents for verification.
  • You are trying to withdraw the amount that is more or less than the set limit. Ensure you enter up to the maximum withdrawal payout set by Bet9ja to withdraw funds. If you add more, they won't confirm your request. On the other hand, if you try to withdraw less than the minimum required, your request will be denied.
how to withdraw bonus from bet9ja

Bet9ja Withdrawal Rules

Now you know how to withdraw from Bet9ja. But before you withdraw your winnings from your Bet9ja account, you need to know the basic rules of Bet9ja withdrawals. Here are a few fundamental rules to keep in mind:

  • You must verify your account before withdrawing. Verification can be done by uploading one of the following: National Identity card, Driver's License, National Passport, or any other form of identification.
  • The name on your bank account and your Bet9ja account must match.
  • Bet9ja has the right to refuse or limit any withdrawals.
  • The Bet9ja withdrawal is completed within 24 working hours.
  • The site has set a minimum withdrawal amount and a maximum withdrawal amount.
  • You cannot withdraw on behalf of another customer.

Do I Need to Have a Verified Account to Withdraw From Bet9ja?

Bet9ja may require players to complete the verification checks on their accounts to protect their identity and funds. Verification also helps Bet9ja to prevent cases of money laundering. Users will be notified whenever the site needs them to verify their Bet9ja account before processing their withdrawal.

You may be required to upload one of the following documents: National Identity, International Passport, Voter's Card, Number Slip, and Driver's License.

FAQ regarding Bet9ja Withdrawal

How do you withdraw from a Bet9ja mobile account?

If you want to withdraw from the Bet9ja app mobile account, the steps are the same as withdrawals via the desktop platforms. Follow the guides above, and you can go right.

How long does it take to withdraw from bet9ja using bank cards?

Debit and credit card withdrawals usually take three to five days to process. You will receive your money within five days of receiving a manual bank transfer payment.

How much is Bet9ja minimum withdrawal?

There is a minimum and maximum withdrawal amount on Bet9ja. Bet9ja has a low minimum withdrawal of N5,000. The Bet9ja maximum withdrawal is currently set at N9,999,999.

Are there any fees for bet9ja withdrawals?

No, Bet9ja does not charge any withdrawal fees.

How to withdraw bonus from bet9ja?

Yes, you can withdraw your bet9ja bonus. But before you can do so, you must meet all the terms and conditions. Once you meet them, you can request a withdrawal.

Our view of the bet9ja withdrawal process

Cashing out your winnings from Bet9ja is a simple process, and several options are available to suit you. Whether you want to withdraw via your bank account, PalmPay, or OPay, it's essential to follow the steps carefully to ensure a smooth experience.

Based on this guide, “how to withdraw money from bet9ja”, we have helped you sort through some of the steps you need to follow to withdraw your funds successfully without any stress.

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