BetKing Old Mobile Lite: Betting solutions for online gamers

How to use BetKing Old Mobile Lite

BetKing is one of the best betting sites in Nigeria, famous for its user-friendly interface and sports betting options. In addition to Nigeria, this renowned sportsbook operates in Ethiopia and Kenya. For African players who love gambling on the go, BetKing ushers its old mobile lite to the scene. The Betking old mobile lite version is an updated version with all vital betting features intact. In this article, we will cover insightful BetKing tips and updates on the BetKing mobile lite version. You will learn about key features and how to place a bet on the mobile version. We will also highlight a comprehensive BetKing Old Mobile lite analysis and how to get started.

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What Is Betking Old Mobile Lite?

BetKing old mobile lite is the simplified and data-efficient version of the BetKing website. This mobile version provides a faster connectivity option to punters and sports fans. Also, the streamlined nature of the mobile lite means punters enjoy the punting experience without compromising on essential features.

BetKing Old Mobile Lite: Betting solutions for online gamers

Key Features of Old Betking Mobile Lite

So, what does the old BetKing lite do differently from the main BetKing website? What are the new unique features and benefits? In this section, we uncover the key features linked to placing bets on this mobile version:

  • Less Data Usage (lite): BetKing mobile lite version is optimized for less data usage. This version runs on less data when compared to the main site. Hence, players can enjoy betting on BetKing without worrying about large data consumption.
  • Simplicity: A significant benefit of this lite version is its simplified view. The user interface is streamlined and easily navigable, so experienced and novice players can partake in a seamless betting experience on Betking with less clutter.
  • Speed: The BetKing old mobile lite version is built for speed. You can load the betting platform way faster and don't have to participate in unnecessary wait times.
  • Vital Betting Features: While the mobile lite version is simple, it retains the essential betting features. Users can do all they need, like place bets, view odds, and keep up with live scores without having to deal with the extras.

How to Access BetKing Old Mobile Lite in 2024

Regardless of the mobile you use, whether it is Android or iOS, accessing BetKing Mobile Lite is quick and straightforward. Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to accessing the BetKing mobile lite in 2024:

  • Open your mobile web browser
  • Visit the site
  • Navigate to the top blue menu bar (the main site's key features are replicated here)
  • Tap the option to switch to mobile Lite
  • Sign up to create an account
  • Enter the BetKing referral code “LEADMAX”
  • Start betting

How to Place Bets on Old BetKing Mobile Lite

Betting on the old BetKing Lite is similar to the new mobile site. The process of placing a bet follows the usual method. However, before you can bet on all your favorite sporting events, you must log in and fund your account. To start betting, here are the following steps to take:

  • Log in to the Old BetKing lite.
  • In the dark-blue top panel that takes most of the screen, navigate to Sports and click on it.
  • A pop-up titled “Sports” will appear with a range of sporting events you can pick from. Also, they are grouped according to tournaments (Today/48-hrs/Week/All)
  • Once you have made your selections, a new page like the one below will appear:
How to Place Bets on Old BetKing Mobile Lite
  • Pick the betting option you prefer (moneyline, handicap, and the others.) Note that each sport has its own betting options.
  • Choose the games and odds you prefer by clicking the corresponding icons. Note that your selection is updated on your bet slip once you pick.
  • The next step is choosing the amount you want to wager. You can make a deposit by BetKing mobile lite old mobile banking. Once you have done that, click Proceed to head to the next step.
  • A confirmation message will pop up on the screen. Click confirm to complete the process.

PS: Players can pause and withdraw their wager at any time of the play, however, players should ensure access to quality internet throughout the gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download BetKing Mobile Lite?

A BetKing old mobile lite download is unnecessary. You don't need the BetKing app to place bets on this BetKing mobile lite version; you can easily access it through your mobile browser. As a result, there is no need for a BetKing old mobile lite download. Instead, you can add the website to your home screen for much easier access.

How can I Register on the Old BetKing Lite?

While the new mobile site and this mobile lite version are different aesthetically, the sign-up process is practically the same. The BetKing registration process is usually a matter of minutes.

To start, click the bright blue icon “Join” on the top right corner of the homepage. You will need your phone number, date of birth, name, and state of residence. After filling in the necessary details, press Sign Up Now to continue.

How to View My Bets on the BetKing Old Mobile?

Unlike the new betting site, the Old BetKing mobile lite has its bet slip at the top right corner of the page. Tap the Page-like icon to see all the bets you placed.

Does the Old BetKing Mobile have a live chat option?

Yes, the Old BetKing Mobile lite does have a live chat option. You can find it in the upper blue panel; the “Live Chat” icon instantly connects you to a friendly customer service team. Also, the customer service team is available around the clock.

Key Takeaways

BetKing's Old Mobile Lite provides a seamless and speedy way for punters to enjoy sports betting anytime, anywhere. With its faster loading time and optimized performance, this lite version is perfect for those using older mobile phones or seeking a quick and convenient betting experience. Check out our comprehensive guide on accessing and placing bets on the BetKing mobile lite version.

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