What is double chance in betting and how to use it in 2023

If you are an experienced sports bettor, you've probably heard about double chance in betting. However, if you are relatively new to the sports betting arena, you need to learn about the double chance betting concept. What is double chance in betting? And what is double chance in soccer betting? Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a newbie, this betting guide will answer any questions you may have on what is double chance in betting.

What is Double Chance in betting?

What is double chance in betting? Double Chance betting is one of the most popular bet types available today. It covers two potential outcomes in the same game and lowers your risk of losing while increasing your chances of winning. Double-chance betting increases your chances of winning from a single event. It can be used in football to cover two of the three possible outcomes with just one bet. It eliminates the possibility of a draw altogether or combines the win/draw for both teams.

The term “double chance” came into use because players have two chances to win the bet. However, the odds will be less than usual due to the increased chances of winning your selection when you place a double-chance bet. In a double chance bet, you essentially bet on two of the three possible outcomes of the game, thereby increasing your chance of winning significantly.

what is double chance in betting

What is Double Chance in soccer betting?

Although double-chance betting is also available in sports like handball or rugby, where a draw is feasible, double-chance betting is most common in football. When your chosen team in the bet has exceptionally slim chances of winning the game, double chance is an intriguing alternative in football betting. By placing a bet on a different outcome of the same game, you can give the bet room for error in this manner.

What is double chance in soccer betting? Let's look at this instance: Double chance is a method of reducing betting risks. Rangers vs. Celtic has been widely regarded as the biggest match in Scottish football for several decades. You can bet on Rangers to draw. Although the odds are not as good as a straightforward Rangers victory, you will still win the bet if Rangers triumph or if it ends in a draw.

Types of Double Chance in betting

All bookmakers offer three double-chance betting options. They are as follows:

  • Home team win or draw (1X): You win this bet if the home team wins or draws the match.
  • Away team win or draw (X2): If the away team wins or draws the game, you win this bet.
  • Home or away team win (12): You win this bet if either the home or away team wins.
Double Chance in soccer betting

Why choose Double Chance in betting options?

Are you a new gamer and wondering what is double chance in betting and what are the possible benefits of this bet type? Below are a few benefits:

  • Gives Double Side Advantage

In games involving two teams of equal strength, double-chance betting can be a good advantage. A double chance bet on the home or away team win would be appropriate. For instance, if you were betting on a match between two teams that regularly score and concede goals but rarely draw. The draw option is still covered, so you will win on that particular selection even if your team fails or struggles to score. It can also be a helpful approach to betting when you are backing a favourite team to win the match.

  • Win or Draw Advantage

Let's take Newcastle vs Brighton, for instance. If you bet on Newcastle/Draw double chance, you will win the bet whether Newcastle wins or draws. However, you would lose the bet if Brighton emerged victorious. Double chance betting is a strategy to guard from losses and give yourself some wiggle room.

  • Less Scoring Advantage

Double chance is a betting strategy to consider if you want to bet on a defensively resolute team that doesn't concede many goals. Choosing either team to win can be smart if the game has higher unpredictability, two scoring teams, and a higher likelihood of a draw.

Best time to use double chance betting

Before placing a double-chance bet, it is advisable to assess the actual circumstances that each side is going through. Knowing the odds offered by bookmakers becomes less important given the level they have demonstrated and their placement in the categorization table. It is important to examine the patterns of both teams, including their results at home and on the road, injuries, and penalties, as well as other factors like whether or not they have played games during the week, are fresh off an international break, or have off-field issues that could affect the team's performance.

When choosing the type of wager you wish to place, you must consider every factor that might impact the game's outcome. You can place double-chance bets more or less frequently depending on the level of risk you wish to take. Whether you are a beginner or like to place combination bets, they are a very intriguing market to reduce risks. You can also place double chance bets at any time since the odds are fascinating, and there are good chances that the bet will win.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Double Chance

Does double chance in betting include extra time?

No. Double chance in betting does not apply to extra time. This means results are only determined during the regular time of the match.

Can a double chance bet be combined with other types of bets?

Yes. You can place double chance betting alongside any other type of bet. There are no restrictions on the different betting options on your bet slip.

Is double chance betting different from handicap betting?

Yes. In double-chance betting, you can only win if either of the two events you place a bet on occurs. If another event outside your bet happens, then you lose the bet. But in the case of handicap betting, you can win, lose or have your stake refunded based on your initial choice.

Does double-chance betting have any benefits?

Yes. Double chance betting has several benefits, but the most prominent one is that it is a relatively safe bet as it carries minimal risks.

Is double chance betting a win or draw?

Not exactly. A double chance bet is when you place a two-in-one bet. You can place a bet on the home team to win or draw (1X), the away team to win or draw (2X), or either of the teams to win the match (12).

Where can I find double chance bets?

Double chance betting is available on any game with a Moneyline market (1×2). However, double-chance betting is primarily popular in football.

Final remarks

Double chance betting is an exciting way for bettors to combine two possible outcomes into a single bet. This helps in minimizing your risks and increasing your chances of winning. In addition, double-chance betting increases the odds of winning significantly. As a result, it is one of gamers' favourite choices in sports betting.

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