Draw No Bet Meaning Guide With Examples and Calculations

Home Win, Draw, and Away Win are the most common betting markets. But what does draw no bet meaning in betting? What is the meaning of draw no bet in sports betting? These are some of the questions we are answering in this post.

Draw no-bet (DNB) betting is very popular among sports bettors. It can be confusing, but once you understand it, it will be one of your best betting options.

Meaning Of Draw No Bet

Meaning Of Draw No Bet

A draw-no bet in sports betting, is as it sounds like — a punter predicts that a team will win the match, and if it ends in a draw, the money is refunded.

Betting in this option is insurance if the results will be a draw, and you are covered. This is a safe wager for bettors, bearing in mind that the stake is fully refunded if the game finished in a tie. Draw no bet lets bettors back either the home or away team, thereby refunding them in case of a tie.

However, due to eliminating the draw option, the odds of this kind of market will be lower than that of the 1×2 market.

Most betting sites in nigeria offer two separate draw-no-bet markets: Home draw no bet and away draw no bet.

Home Draw No Bet Meaning

Are you wondering what home draw no bet meaning in betting? Find the answer; if you want to bet on the home team, this is a great betting market. Let's take Man City vs. Newcastle as an example; the home pick means you back Man City to win. Suppose you place a wager on a home draw no bet. If Man City wins, you win your bet. On the other hand, if Newcastle (away team) wins the game, your bet is lost, while a possible draw brings back your stake.

Away Draw No Bet Meaning

While away draw no bet (2 DNB) means that you have decided to back the visitor' team. Using Man City vs. Newcastle example, the away draw no bet selection means you back Newcastle to take three points for your bet to win. If City wins, your bet is lost, but you get back your money if the match ends with a draw result.

Draw No Bet Example

Let's assume you are betting at any top betting site that offers this betting market on a match between Man City and Newcastle.

Normally betting full-time option, the odds of Man City winning are currently at 1.70. Newcastle's odd is 5.20, and a draw is at 3.20. It means that in normal betting if you place ₦100 on Man City, you would receive ₦170 if City wins.

The DNB market provides coverage against a draw with odds that are lower than normal. In this one, the odds are lowered to 3.70 for New Castle and 1.20 for Man City to win.

In this case, if you bet Man City to win using a stake of ₦100, you will get back ₦120 if they are victorious. That is lower than you would get on a 1×2 bet, but you receive your ₦100 back in case the match ends with a draw. However, you will lose your bet if Newcastle takes the three points.

How Are Draw No Bet Odds Calculated?

Calculating the draw-no-bet is very simple. You can calculate it from the three-way line. Calculating it will be easier in decimal odds. Therefore, you can convert American odds to decimal odds first, then run the following formula below:

(1 – (1 / Draw Odds)) * Team Odds = DNB odd

Let's take this example, Liverpool vs. Bournemouth, with the following odds (home is 2.0, draw 3.4, and away is 4.3). In the case of Bournemouth, we can use the 4.3 (Bournemouth's odds to win) and the draw at 3.4 and put them into this formula.

(1- (1 / 3.4)) * 4.3 = 3.04

If you want to calculate Liverpool's odd, you will run the same formula.

(1- (1 / 3.4)) * 2.0 = 1.41

Sports Featuring Draw No Bet

Some sports don't end in a draw so you won't find the DNB option on all sports.

One of the most popular sports that can end in a tie is Football which can be a great sport to bet DNB. Sports that offer betting Draw No Bet market include:

  • Soccer/ Football
  • American Football
  • Cricket
  • IceHockey
  • Australian Rules
  • Chess
  • Horse Racing
  • Boxing

When To Use DNB

If are confident with the outsider – The DNB will work well in case the away team has a bigger chance of winning, but the home team is still the stronger team. Imagine Arsenal playing against Newcastle at Emirates Stadium. Arsenal is certainly the stronger team, but Newcastle's recent form is great. You want to back Newcastle because they have higher odds currently. If this is the case, Draw No Bet can be the best option if you don't want to bet on a normal bet of 1×2, since it will be having a greater value if the match ends in a draw.

If the draw is possible, Placing DNB will reduce the risk of losing. For example, Arsenal hosting Manchester United. Arsenal have been in better form recently, while Man U are also on a lucky line. You can back Arsenal, but not worried about the draw.

If you want to bet on a match's winner but think it would be a close game, the best bet option is the DNB option in this case.

If you want to back a defensive team – Betting on defensive teams is good thinking because you bet against a more skilled team that will most likely win the match. If the match ends in a draw, you don't lose anything.

Advantages of Draw No Bet

As you have seen here, draw no bet offers many benefits that the regular match-winner market doesn't. The key advantages of placing Draw No Bet wagers are:

  • Draw No Bet offers perfect insurance if you want a safe betting option. If your selection doesn't win, your stake will be returned. So, you have nothing to lose in case of a draw.
  • Winning the bet relies on two possible outcomes, making it reliable and safe.
  • Guards you against counter-attacking teams.

Draw No Bet Betting FAQ

What is draw no bet meaning?

This is a betting market where the stake is returned if the game result is a tie. If the match ends in a tie, the punter gets the money back because a draw is considered invalid.

Can I include Draw No Bet in accumulator bets?

Most bookmakers allow punters to include Draw No Bet in the accumulator and single bets. You can also mix Draw No Bet with other markets in your DNB accumulator bet slip.

Where to find the best odds for Draw no bet wagers?

Most of the top bookies offer DNB betting options. You can visit the betting sites available to compare the odds that they offer. You can find best odds for draw no bet wagers on bet9ja website. Find more details about the operator in the article bet9ja promotion code.

Why Bet on DNB?

Draw No Bet covers your stake in the sense that if you end with a tie, you will still get back your stake amount. It also comes with a lot of flexibility.


Now you know the meaning of draw no bet. While 1X2 bets give better odds, you will see that the draw significantly reduces your chances of winning. The Draw No Bet betting option allows you to place a bet without minding about possible draws. This is very emotional, considering that soccer experiences draw most of the time.

Draw No Bet offers a better option if you want to place a safe bet on a game that you think has a high likelihood of a draw.

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