Half Time Full Time Explained: Betting Guide in 2024

In sports betting, the term half time/full time is a popular option. However, it is not one of the most common markets. In our overview, we have a Half Time Full Time Explained to guide you on this kind of betting option and give you information about your chances of winning.

Half Time Full Time Explained in Detail

Betting on the half time full time market, you guess the halftime and full-time results. You predict which Team will win at half time, followed by the Team that will win at full time in the same game.

half time full time explained

For instance, if Manchester United is playing Wolves and you wager 1/1 (Home Win / Home Win), meaning Man U to win at halftime and also win the same team win the second half. So, if Manchester leads at halftime 1-0 and wins the match 2-1, you have won the HT/FT bet.

Of course, the HT/FT predictions have increased odds compared to the direct full-time score prediction market. For instance, if you believe the game will end with a draw at halftime, but Man U goes on to win, you can get 5.74 odds instead of 1.62, which is a big difference.

How to Read HT FT Betting Odds

Always “1” represents the home team to win, and the “2” represents the away Team win. While the “X” represent draw.

So, the result can be written as two outcomes (1, 2 or draw) and separated by a slash. The first outcome is the halftime win, and the second outcome stands for the winner at full-time.

Half Time Full Time Meaning – Possible Outcomes Of The Match

Half time/full time bets work when you choose from different outcomes. Below is an outline of the combinations to explain the meaning of half time/full time. Therefore, there are nine different possible outcomes as follows.

half time full time meaning
  • X/1 – The first half will end with a Draw. The Home Team will score in the second half to win the game.
  • X/2 – Draw in the first half. The Away Team to win the match by scoring a goal in the second half.
  • X/X – The first half to end with a Draw. The second half will be a Draw.
  • 1/1 – Home Team to win first half. Home Team to win the match.
  • 1/2 – The host wins the first half. Visiting Team to win the match.
  • 1/X –First half to be won by the Home Team. The match ends in a Draw.
  • 2/1 – Visiting Team to win the first half. Home Team to win the match.
  • 2/2 – The Away Team to win the first half and the match.
  • 2/X – Away Team to win first half. The match ended with a Draw.

Most Common Sports for HT FT Bets

The halftime / full-time betting option is very popular and is usually available in football betting. But it can also be found in various other sports in which there are two halves, such as rugby union, rugby league, or field hockey. Other sports include Basketball, American football, Australian rules football, Association football, Bandy, Canoe Polo, Gaelic football, Field hockey, Handball, Netball, Hurling, and Lacrosse. You can check theses sports and make a bet at Betano in Nigeria. For this check out our betano promo code article to get the welcome offer and fully enjoy.

Types of HT FT Bets in Football

As we mentioned, HT FT is very common in football. The leading football bookmakers offer punters an opportunity to bet on this betting option. But let's look at some of the types of half time / full time bets in football.

Winner HT FT

Choosing half time full time bet means wagering on a particular team that will be winning the match. betting on such a selection requires doing a lot of research. To win your prediction, the Team you've selected has to win the HT and the FT.

meaning of half time full time in betting

Goals HT FT

In this case, the bettor is needed to predict the number of scored goals in the first half of the match. But also the number of goals for the whole match.

Correct Score HT FT

Correct score HT FT involves predicting the exact score at half time and full time of a given match. For example, half time 1-0 and full time 2-1. The goals must be exactly as predicted. Correct score halftime bets are a form of sports betting that requires strategy and knowledge of the game.

Corner Kicks HT FT

This involves forecasting the corner kicks within the halftime and full-time betting. You just need to place bets on predictions for the number of corner kicks in the first half and then the second half. There is also an option to select ranges of the number of corners. You can choose any given to bet on it. To win the corner kicks ht/ft, then the result for the corner kick must come true as predicted.

half time full time explained

Halftime and Full-Time Betting Tips

To win Halftime and Full-Time Betting, you need a strategy to help you get the maximum possible returns from your betting activities. We provide tips for betting Halftime and Full-Time to make your work easier. Here are the tips:

💡 Start by doing your research before placing an HT/FT bet. Applying this strategy involves looking at both teams' recent form and head-to-head record, checking the lineups and injuries, and checking any other factors that could affect the game's outcome.

💡 Monitor Team's home and away performances – Analyze the performances of a team at home and away record. Some teams may perform excellently at home, while others might do well when playing away matches.

💡 Look at the nature of the game – You should consider the nature of the game before placing a Half Time/ Full Time bet. Some highly contested games are likely to have few goals in both halves. Such games include knockout or cup final games. However, if teams have nothing to lose from the match and don't know what to expect, such a game can have many goals or no goals.

💡 Go for the ‘safer' bets – Trying to find halftime/full-time predictions where a team is losing at Half time but winning at full time is not easy – usually, these bets have the highest odds. Instead, a ‘safer' strategy is to look for mismatched games – solid Team vs. very weak Team – for example, Man City vs. Luton Town. Indeed, the odds are not great, but the chances of you winning the bet are high.

Pros and Cons of Halftime / Full-Time

Pros of Halftime / Full-Time Cons of Halftime / Full-Time Bet

The main benefit of halftime and full-time bets is that it allows punters to get better odds than if they just bet on the winner of the match.

It is challenging to guess the HT FT outcome in a match.

Simple to understand: betting on this market is easier than the likes of Asian Handicap; it is not easy to understand how it works and which teams are perfect for it. This option has a relatively simple concept; all you need to do is predict the correct half and full time result.

If a team does not perform well, you can lose the bet immediately after the first half kickoff.

This type of betting gives bettors more flexibility when making their selections, as they have many options available, which could lead them towards better value returns.

The Cashout feature is not always available on the bet slips with halftime full-time matches.

FAQs regarding half time full time meaning 

What is the meaning of half time full time in betting?

Half time full time in betting (HT/FT) means placing a bet on the result of the first half and the result of the match at full time. This means that you are basically betting on two separate outcomes – putting the result at half time and the result at full time in one bet.

Can you win betting on the Halftime/Fulltime Betting concept?

These betting options come with high odds and are most valuable. The bets on a team to lead at halftime but to lose at fulltime typically offer the odds between 20 and 30, which is rewarding if you win.

Is Extra Time Included In Full Time?

Halftime/full-time bets do not include extra time in the game. Only the normal of the game is allowed in the bet. Most betting markets apply this rule.

Which Sports Can You Place Half Time/Full Time Bets?

Football is not the only sport where Halftime/Full-Time betting is popular. Any type of sport played that is divided into more than one half, or even quarters, can be bet on in this way.

Conclusion on half time full time explained

The beauty of Time/Full Time Bets is that it gives you plenty of variations to think about.

Placing Half Time / Full Time bets requires punters to be updated with what is happenings in the world of football. You need to follow the league form, and team news and consider many other factors before wagering this bet. HT/FT predictions can bring success to punters. If you stick to the plan and bet them solely, you will undoubtedly gain sufficient profit. However, the approach with this type of bet must be careful and with great caution.

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