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CUPP Warns Against Extension Of IGP’s Tenure

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) said it has directed all coalition members in the 36 states to begin preparation for nationwide protests from January 15, if the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr Ibrahim Idris, dresses in police uniform around the Force Headquarters.

CUPP stated that Ibrahim cannot occupy the office of the IGP again because by January 15 he ceases to be a police officer having clocked the statutory 35 years in active service retirement age as required by the 1999 constitution.

The spokesman of the CUPP, Ikenga Ugochinyere, urged President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint a serving police officer into the vacant office of IGP, said if Ibrahim continues to parade himself as the police chief amounts to “an act of impersonation and a threat to our national security which should be stopped summarily.”

Ugochinyere in a statement said “It is flowing from this and to save our dear country from further drift from a government that lacks capacity to provide leadership to our country that the Secretariat of CUPP hereby directs all coalition members in the 36 states to begin preparation for nationwide protests from 15th January if the retired IGP is seen dressed in Police Uniform around the Force Headquarters.

“The protests will be in front of the Police Command headquarters of every state and shall be continuous till the right thing is done.

“During the protests, there shall be a declaration that since  Mr Ibrahim Idris is no longer a police officer cannot be addressed as IGP and a call to him to stay clear of the Force Headquarters.

“By the 15th January, Mr Ibrahim Idris would have attained both 35 years(January 3rd 2019) in service and 60 years of age (Jan 15 2019) and he would have been roundly unqualified to occupy the office of the Inspector General of Police.”

He added, “The Opposition coalition wish to remind President Buhari to the sacred provision of Section 215 (1a) of the 1999 Constitution which clearly holds that the President can only appoint a serving police officer as Inspector General of Police.

“This means that with the reaching of the mandatory retirement age of 35 years of Active service on Jan 3rd 2019 and the Mandatory retirement age of 60 years of age while in service by the IGP (which comes up on 15th Jan 2019) the IGP is constitutionally barred from been retained or reappointed as Police IGP as he is no longer a serving Police Officer and his continued stay in office is illegal and an act of impersonation as there is  no legal or documentary contrary evidence to back up his stay as IGP.

“We call on President Buhari to be courageous to announce the replacement and not bow to the pressure to cement illegality in the core of the nation’s security architecture due to his desperation to rig himself back to power knowing he has been rejected by the Nigerian people.

“The uncertainty in the leadership of the Police in such auspicious moment emboldens persons with sinister motives and demoralises senior officers of the force due to this abrupt and unlawful halt to their career progression.”



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