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Ebonyi Bullion Van Robbery: Driver Narrates Ordeal


The driver of the bullion van driver conveying money from Enugu to a new generation bank in Abakaliki, the Ebonyi State capital yesterday narrated his ordeal in the hands of the armed robbers who attacked the vehicle and killed four policemen.

He described the incident as unfortunate and barbaric.

Speaking with journalists, the driver who opted not to mention his name, said that they were only two in the ill-fated bullion van which was transferring the money from Enugu to Abakaliki.

According to him, the two of them in the bullion van were drivers on contract with the new generation bank in Enugu.

He noted that while he was behind the wheels, the other who was putting him through, sat on the passenger side.

The survivor said that the going was smooth until they arrived in Ezzamgbo junction in Ohaukwu local government area of Ebonyi State.

He stated that hell was let loose when they got to the junction as bullets started flying from all corners. “The hoodlums took various positions at Ezzamgbo junction awaiting the arrival of the bullion van which had two police vans as escort”.

“The bandits were stationed at the point where a flyover is currently being erected by the Ebonyi state government. “Due to the work going on, only one-lane of the axis of the express road was being used. The road is also bad at that point such that all vehicles are forced to slow down.”

It was like a movie as the guns came from different direction. The next thing we saw was the bodies of the police escorts in the police van that was leading the convoy dropping one after another on the road.

“My colleague urged me to be careful not to run over any of them in case any of them was still alive.

”I did exactly as he suggested and manoeuvred the bullion van through the bodies on the road.

“One of them shot at the van at close range but the bulletproof windscreen didn’t give in. So they started shooting at the tyres.

“Luckily they missed the front tyres but got one of the back ones which deflated instantly.

“I had not choice than to continue without one tyre and was moving at 60km per hour.

”I didn’t allow any vehicle to overtake me until I got to Abakaliki. A Lexus Jeep tried severally to overtake but I kept blocking the vehicle.

“We met three police checkpoints afterwards and I alerted them, but none of them agreed to my request for an escort to Abakaliki.

“They rather advised I parked at the check point that I was safe but I ignored them till l got to our destination.

“My brother, it was like a journey to hell. We met death face-to-face but God delivered us.”

He further explained that the robbers focused more on the police escorts.

“Having gunned down those in the lead police van, they started shooting at the back up van at the rear. At the same time they tried to demobilize the bullion van but I refused to stop. It was the Lord’s doing”.

He expressed the regret over the level of insecurity in the country and called for more effort in reducing the level of crime and

criminality in the country.


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