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Guys, Do You Agree That A Woman Can Be Out Of Your League?

When it is said that a babe is way out of your league, it means that you cannot get her, no matter what you do or how hard you try.

Urban dictionary describes it as “A person you have no chance with dating/hooking up with because they are considered much more attractive, popular, intelligent or more successful than you are.”

However, there are people who have come out to say that guys should not dwell too much on that belief as it is pure trash. People who are against this position say that no woman is unattainable.

If you like a woman and would love to be with her, you stand a chance. Just try to get her first. If you do not get her, it will because she said no, not because you belittled yourself with self-defeat

Alexis Dent writes for Huffington Post in 2014, supporting the idea that no one is too good for anyone else, and that it is important for men [and women] to stop thinking that someone is out of their league.

“Here’s what it comes down to: We are all beings with worth, beauty and charm, even though our insecurities may tell us otherwise,” she writes.

“We need to stop forming silly little leagues based on the shape of someone’s cheekbones… let’s stop buying into ideas about who we should date and who should be interested in dating us,” she adds.

So there we have it. There are two types of people in this world; those who believe that there are women out of a man’s league and those who believe no one is out of anyone’s league and that anyone is date-able.


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