How Natalie Workman Teaches Her Clients on Professional, Personal Relationships

By our Correspondent

Natalie Workman is all about challenging norms and defying expectations. As the Vice President of Cardone Ventures at only 27-years-old, Natalie encourages other young people in business to stop thinking of age as a limiting factor and start thinking of it as an advantage. Moreover, as a successful woman in a male-dominated industry, she hopes to inspire women in business to shatter glass ceilings by showing up as their full selves, day in and day out.

“The biggest obstacle I’ve overcome so far is overcoming my lack of confidence,” she explains. “Very early in my career, I felt I was put in situations that I was not ready for. Most of the business interactions in my early 20’s were around very high level conversations with people who were extremely experienced and knowledgeable in their fields. I didn’t know how to handle dinner conversations. I didn’t understand half of what was being talked about, whether it was a transaction on a business, or strategic growth initiatives, or team management. I lost all of my confidence. I lost my confidence in my ability to articulate my thoughts. I lost confidence in my ability to show up as myself. Sadly, this hindered me and held me back for a couple of years, if not more than that, until I made the distinct decision to make radical changes in my day-to-day moments. I made the decision to become an asset. I decided to become an asset to a business, an asset as a friend, an asset as a daughter, and an asset as a partner.”

Since then, Natalie has been building a strong fellowship with the nation’s most business savvy executives. These relationships challenge Natalie, forcing her to confront any obstacles that could be holding her back. As the host of her own podcast, Workwoman, she hopes to provide similar friendship and encouragement for listeners. She notes, “I became an asset by acknowledging what I didn’t know, by identifying very clearly what it is that I didn’t know, and by finding the people or the resources that did know. Becoming an asset is a process that evolves. As I grew and ascended, I realized how much more I don’t know and how much more I need to know!”

Natalie has also leveraged her podcast to discuss her personal relationship with Brandon Dawson, co-founder of Cardone Ventures. “My twenty-five year age-gap relationship to my fiance and the CEO of Cardone Ventures provides a deeper layer of uniqueness,” she explains. “I expertly advise clients on age-gap relationships and give people considerations through private coaching, whether that relationship is professional or personal.”

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