I Have Always Wanted The Spotlight – Simmy


My name is Simmy Etor from Guyuk local government area of Adamawa State. I’m from Lunguda ethnic group. I was born into the family of Master Warrant Officer (MWO) Silas Habila and Mrs Lydia Musa Silas on May 22nd 1988 in Kano State. I am the first child, and blessed with a brother. I attended Depot NA Nursery and Primary School, Zaria, Kaduna State, then moved to Federal Government Girls, Bakori for secondary education. I later proceeded for a diploma in agricultural technology at College of Agriculture, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and after completion, I went further to earn a degree at the Ahmadu Bello University where I read Geography. Unfortunately, I was not opportune to serve my country because I was sick at the time and eventually had to travel out of the country.



My formative years were easy because I had everything I wanted. My parents got divorced and I grew up with my father, he did all he could to ensure we had the best upbringing; he did not spare us whenever discipline was required. He moulded us into who we are today. My mother has also been visible in our lives. She’s based in Abuja and i occasionally pay her a visit to learn one or two things only a mother can pass on.

While studying in Zaria, I took the opportunity to discover myself by exploring the world of pageantry; I was once Miss Polo Kaduna, Miss Heart of Gold and also Queen of Unity Northern Nigeria, I’m hoping to contest for Mrs Nigeria 2019. I got married on November 10th, 2017 to my heartthrob, Etor Daniel, he is an international Nigerian football player and also a national player. He is from Akwa Ibom State but born and bred in Kano State, so culture is certainly not a barrier for us. We met while I was undergoing my diploma programme in 2011. I ventured into the sale of clothes, shoes, incense (turaren wuta) to oil perfumes, football boots and human hair in 2017 because I do not want to be a beautiful woman without an alternative source of income and so, this gave birth to House of Simsim. Aside this, I am owner and founder at Simmy Save, a Life Foundation where I coach and mentor young girls, especially those from the north, who are scared of coming out to express themselves through pageantry.



Some people have the belief that one can only learn a skill or trade if they are trained, but that is not true. I learnt to buy and sell on my own. We need to break free from the shackles of undermining ourselves. We can only achieve success if we move away from our comfort zone.



For business, it is the zeal to make more money that keeps me focused. I have always wanted to be in the spotlight and pageantry was it for me, because it gave me the platform I needed. I still remain relevant because I’m passionate about it and I draw strength from Agbani Darego’s feat in the industry.



I’m not about making serious profits from customers, and that’s one of the reasons they patronise my goods, I sell cheaper than others. I also buy directly from suppliers, mostly from China and Turkey.



Rihanna and Miz Wanneka. They have done so much to carve niches for themselves and are doing well.




Travelling and shopping.



In business there are periods when patronage is low, and this tends to make me uneasy. But I have come to the realisation that worry doesn’t add value but rather drains one mentally and healthwise.



When exchange rate increases, one tends to lose in the market.



I have earned so much exposure in life and I know I’m going places by God’s grace; this alone is a great triumph. During my reign as a beauty pageant, I did lots of charity events like visiting internally displaced camps (IDPs) in the northeast, I’ve been privileged to go to places like Kuchingoro IDP camp in the FCT where one gets emotional seeing the plight of the people. I have also empowered women and so on. It is not enough that one stays in their comfort zone all the time, we need to step out, go to places, and only then will we know that we are truly blessed. Let’s give a helping hand to the needy in our society.



My vision is so big that I sometimes marvel at my imagination. I see myself exporting goods to other countries someday, as well as having big stores online and offline, covering all 36 states including the federal capital territory.



November 10th 2017, my wedding day.



It’s usually not easy, but with a supportive husband, things tend to be a little easier. For the profession, as a beauty queen, I run programmes when I’m less busy.



We should learn to be independent, stand on our own and not expect our spouses to do everything for us. Total dependence reduces the value of a woman, no business is too small to start and no profit is too small. Contribute your quota in your respective homes. For single ladies, start now and you’ll be happy you did. Prayer is always the key; we should also develop the habit of praying for our spouses and children because the world we live in is full of evil.

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