‘Journalists Must Be Truthful In Their Reportage’

Media practitioners have been charged to remain truthful in their reportage, irrespective of the situation they might find themselves in the course of doing their jobs.

The Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), House of His Glory, Ibadan, Oyo State, Emma Jimoh stated this in his sermon during the thanksgiving service held by members of the Correspondents’ Chapel, Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Oyo State Council to mark the commencement of their 2018 Annual Press Week activities, acknowledged that there was no human activity that involves no risk.

He urged journalists to be consistent in their onerous task of building a virile and stable society, adding that, “it is not by mistake that those of us born in Nigeria were born here, it is for a purpose which is known by God who created us and decreed us to be born here”.

Speaking on the title ‘As it is written’, the clergyman noted that God himself was the first journalist, writing with His finger on the stone when He called Moses on Mount Sinai as recorded in the book of Exodus, chapter 34 of the Holy Bible and that whoever practices the profession takes after God.

According to him, “writing is a business of right headed people and that’s why it is said that ‘truthful writers are the priests in the temple of truth.

“Whatever is written down is permanent and that’s why journalists face persecution, not only in Nigeria, but across the globe where truthfulness is detested”.

While asking members of the pen pushing profession not to entertain any fear in the course of their jobs, Pastor Jimoh said nothing would impede the fulfilment of the vision and mission of God for Nigeria, insisting that, “our being Nigerians is as it was written just as Jesus Christ was born as it was written”.

Also speaking the correspondents’ Chapel Chairman, Pastor Ola Ajayi, enjoined the people to acknowledge God for seeing them through another year, despite the various challenges encountered during the outgoing year.

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