Nigeria Contributes 15% Of Global Maternal Deaths- Expert

The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria-Partnership for Advocacy in Child and Family Health at Scale (PSN-PACFaH@Scale or PSN-PAS) has disclosed that Nigeria Contributes 15% Of Global Maternal Deaths.

This is just as it revealed  that about 111 women and girls die every day due to preventable pregnancies and child birth related complications, adding that about 5 women die per hour.

Dr. Edwin Akpotor, Senior Programme Officer, PSN-PAS project disclosed this during PSN-PACFaH@Scale or PSN-PAS) project meeting in collaboration with the Kaduna State Ministry of Health and Human Services with relevant stakeholders in Kaduna State.

The meeting he said is to present, review, deliberate and agree on the key indicators for the CPs and PPMVs family planning score card.

He emplained that during the July 2017 FP2020 London Summit, the government of Nigeria committed to achieving 27% modern Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (mCPR) by the year 2020, stressing that to achieve this goal (27% mCPR by 2020), the government plans to expand the family planning services that community pharmacists (CPs) and patent medicines vendors (PMVs) can provide in the community level.

“According to the most recent Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS), over 60% of Nigerians patronize CPs and PMVs for their family planning and other primary health care services.

“The government of Nigeria is convinced that by building the capacities, supportively supervising the practices of CPs and PMVs, and thereafter expanding their scope of work, Nigeria will move towards Universal Access to Health and Universal Access to Family Planning.

“In line with the aforementioned commitments there is need to develop a score card with sets of indicators that will be used to track the contribution and progress made towards the inclusion of CPs and PPMVs as providers of FP in Kaduna State.

“When developed, the score card will be used by civil society, media and other stakeholders to hold government to account for the July 2017 FP2020 commitment and to influence actions that will ensure CPs and PPMVs provide expanded family planning services in Kaduna State.

According to Dr. Akpotor, Senior Programme Officer, PSN-PAS project, “score cards are advocacy tools used to compare performance based on some set of indicators within and between State government and institutions.

“In the case of the CPs and PPMVs family planning score card, we want to use this advocacy tool to support the government in fulfilling the July 2017 commitments made during the FP2020 London Summit.” As postulated in that commitment, we agree with the government that expanding the scope of family planning and other primary health care services provided by CPs and PPMVs will move our dear country towards Universal Health Coverage/Family Planning.

“While we urge the government to prioritize implementation of the indicators in the score card, it is also pertinent for all relevant stakeholders including the media to know that:Each day it is estimated that about 100 women die in the process of giving life in Nigeria and about 30% of these deaths can be averted by improving access to contraceptives and increasing uptake of family planning services.

“By allowing CPs and PPMVs to provide expanded services, we can save more lives; About 50% of adolescent girls in Nigeria are already mothers by the time they celebrate their 20th birthday; By the year 2050 Nigeria is projected to be the 3rd most populous country in the world.

“Without proper demographic planning and strategies, Nigeria may not be able to cope with the economic and social challenges this population explosion would cause;

“Nigeria contributes 15% of global maternal deaths, with about 111 women and girls dying every day due to preventable pregnancies and child birth related complications (i.e. about 5 women die per hour); Overpopulation and high maternal mortality will prevent Nigeria from reaping the dividends of demographic transition;

“According to the United Nations Foundation, in the past 50 years, no Country has emerged from poverty (and achieved economic growth and prosperity) without expanding access to contraceptives-especially modern contraceptive methods;

“Although Community Pharmacists and Patent Medicines Vendors jointly deliver over 60% of the family planning needs of Nigerians they are grossly underutilized in Primary Health Care delivery; and Kaduna State modern Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (mCPR) is 16.7%. This is lower than the national average of 19%. By allowing CPs and PPMVs to provide expanded family planning services, Kaduna State mCPR will improve drastically”.

He said there is urgent need for the Federal and Kaduna State government to ensure Community Pharmacists and Patent Medicines Vendors provide more quality essential services and thus should be included in all respective policy documents. He averred that it will be a fruitful strategy to reduce the unacceptable maternal, child and adolescent mortalities from preventable pregnancy and childbirth related causes.


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