Nizzleman: Hip-hop Star Challenging Musical Boundaries

Given his evolving musical obsessions, it is no surprise Nizzle man’s genre is a meld of Hip-hop, Pop and RnB. And while he is putting his own spin on the trends, Nizzle Man is also inspired by Nelly and Drake.

Born Nathaniel Demont Handy, in Staten Island, New York, he grew up with two female siblings. His career began way back in 2017 after he heard a rap demo of his sister. He discovered not only could he sing, but he had a natural facility for writing songs.

Nizzle man first made waves in the U.S. In the years since, he has produced music at a prolific rate, spending countless nights in the studio. He has established himself as a formidable musical peer, collaborating with artists such as 5x Grammy singer and songwriter, Candace, Wakefield, Donnie Klang, John Lindahl, Makaylo Van Pebbles, Uncle Murda, and lots more.

His past releases, For my homies (2014), True Magic (2018), Naomi (2019), Apple (2019), Katfish (2019), Raw Sex (2020), Not Gonna Pretend (2020), Plan B (2020), show that he is a musician ready to be taken seriously beyond his core demographic with sacrificing the influences that shaped him – expressing himself and not having to be in the same room with those he’s trying to pass a message to.

Nizzle man has been consistent! Artists who give the people excellence—with a consistent message on every track, in every music video, and at every live show—will reap the fruits of a successful crossover.

It would also be remiss not to mention the foundation an artist needs to execute such: a solid team who gets the vision and has the best interest of the artist in mind—a team that can convince and show their artist that following the formula will be worthwhile.

From his manager, who is his sister, to his core collaborators at his label, Nizzle’s team is rock solid. The rollouts for his projects released over the past three years have been deliberate and executed so well.

Nizzle man just finished touring with Justina Valentine on the favorite vibe tour, where they visited over 29 cities. After which he relocated to Los angeles, Cali and is currently promoting his newest single “Plan B”.

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