Society Bans Diver Over Alleged Forgery Of Medical Certificate



Hyperbaric Medical Practitioners Society of Nigeria (HMPSN) yesterday said a diver and member of the National Association of Professional Divers (NAPROD), Comrade Jason Kuru. has been banned for a year over alleged forgery of medical certificates.

This is even as the chief inspector of diving, Comrade Julius Ugwala, accused Kuru of blackmail over failure to secure a contract with a diving firm.

The group in a statement issued by the media team of Nigeria’s chief inspector of diving and a copy made available to LEADERSHIP, international oil companies (IOC’s) were assured of severe consequences for Nigerian divers involved in cases of forgery.


According to the statement, “Amid the social media blackmail propagated by a diver, Comrade Jason Kuru, who has accused Nigeria’s Chief inspector of Diving, Comrade Julius Ugwala of denying him an endorsement, findings have revealed that Jason forged his medical records.



“Jason Kuru, had approached the Chief Diving Inspector after futile attempts to secure a job with his fake certificates and the Inspector had pulled strings for Jason only to discover that the unemployed diver forged the medical certificate which he forwarded to would-be employers, who upon verification found it to be false.


“Upon this shocking discovery, the Chief Diving Inspector had personally advised Kuru covertly to get the right medical reports but Kuru turned around to blackmail Ugwala, accusing him of shutting his path to employment.


“We feel sorry for the present condition of our Comrade Jason Kuru. We understand such a situation will be of concern to our comrade and us. However, we recommend our comrade to talk less.


“The Diving Governing Board will be disappointed that a Nigerian Diver is involved in the forgery of the medical certificate from a recognized hospital and attempted to trick a Diving contractor- Hydrodive Nig Limited.’’

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