Travis Guterman Speaks On How COVID-19 Impacted The Entertainment Industry

BY Our Correspondent

Travis Guterman is a business manager for Hollywood stars, professional athletes, and high networth entertainment executives.

Also, Travis helped create a new branch in the business management industry for clients in the digital space, such as YouTubers, gamers, podcast hosts, and influencers.

As a business manager, Travis’s job is managing all facets of his clients’ financial lives. The result of his hard work is a stable economic environment for his clients, so they can focus on other, more enjoyable aspects of life and never worry about their finances in the future.

Travis can tackle numerous tasks for his clients, including tax preparation, insurance, investments, retirement planning, and even launching brands and companies.

However, COVID-19 changed how the entertainment industry works, and it affected Travis’s business as well. Like many other people, Travis had to exchange his high rise office in Century City with working from home. Due to the new measures, Travis has been unable to meet his clients in person.

“I loved grabbing lunch with my clients so we could catch up. Meeting in person was the most convenient way to discuss their finances.

“I love getting to know my clients. Our first meetings usually involve minimal talk about business. Instead, we try to bond over shared interests, our backgrounds, or even current events. Now, we have to exchange that for FaceTimes and Zooms,” Travis said.

Travis prefers Zoom calls to phone calls, as they allow him to get a better read on his clients.

“Being able to see my clients, even if it is just on my laptop screen, is incredibly helpful. I can easily figure out whether they are interested, bored, or distracted,” Travis said.

There is also a positive side to online meetings.

“In some ways, it’s been easier to connect with people because they don’t have as many other competing plans, and they don’t have to fight traffic to meet with you,” he said.

From a tax and business perspective, Travis found it quite challenging to keep up with all the new government laws and programs introduced to stimulate the economy.

“It seems like they change the law every other day,” Travis said. “I do a lot of analysis to confirm whether laws have changed and assess what I need to do to adapt.”

The pandemic doesn’t have to be a stumbling block. Travis adapted his business and found new ways to support his clients during this uncertain time.

“COVID-19 has affected the economy globally. However, that didn’t prevent me from helping my clients obtain PPP loans, employer tax credits, and other financing solutions,” Travis added.

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