US-based Nigerian, Ajike Develops app To Promote Black Business

US-based Nigerian entrepreneur, Bolaji Adeola Ajike has developed an application to promote black-owned businesses with a view to assist in rebuilding and sustaining the economic infrastructure of the Diaspora by supporting Melanated-owned businesses.

She believes Blacks, regardless of origins, have the power not just physically but economically to change things in this world.

In a recent interview she states, “ I premiered GoddessTalk Show June 2019 to expose the world to Black businesses, activists, and game changers causing economic seismic shifts across the globe. To further those efforts in July 2020 I launched the GoddessTalk App, the Diaspora’s premiere marketplace app. I am now the CEO of a multimedia network of creators circulating content, information, resources, and commerce on a global scale across all streaming platforms and coming soon to cable networks.”

Explaining why she developed GoddessTalk App through the help of a tech company, Ajike said, “GoddessTalk App allows you to Shop, Talk and Experience all Things Black Excellence locally and globally. Customers can purchase products and services, order food, make reservations, book appointments, and so much more directly through Goddess Talk. Find businesses by name, location, country, numerous categories, hashtags, and other filters. Get ready to experience Our Sacred Space, the social networking area within the Goddess Talk app where users commune, engage, are seen, and heard by others in real time.”

Continuing, she added, “Goddess Talk’s simple interface makes it easy for a Black-owned business and entity to upload products and services, promote sale incentives, list job openings, crowd fund, & much more. All sales are driven right to your site and accounts with no commissions. You can download the GoddessTalk App for free on iOS and Android.

“AfroGanix was the company I started first. It was the company I really would have named my app after. But I noticed that to just help people sell products wasn’t enough. I had to help them distribute them. We as a people are consumers when it comes to business. We haven’t been producers, manufacturers, & distributors. We’d basically left ourselves at the mercy of others to make everything for us but just consume. So I decided to shift my business focus for AfroGanix. I literally had a dream I was going to help our people move things across the world. And that it was going to help us in my core missions: helping others.”

Bolaji Adeola Ajike, a Nigerian by birth, migrated to the United States of America at the age of 7 years with her parents.

She holds a B.A. in Communications Studies and and Masters in Public Administration from Mount St. Mary’s University, Enmitsburg, Maryland and Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota respectively.

“I almost had that doctorate in Health Administration but I wanted to focus on my businesses and dropped out 5 years into the program. My mom hasn’t forgiven me yet. She wanted her “Dr. Ajike” so bad,” she joked.

Bolaji Adeola Ajike is an entrepreneur with businesses in different fields. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria and raised in Surulere, Lagos until her family moved to the United States in 1995. She grew up in Willingboro, NJ (Boro). She’s the oldest of 4 children.

Her parent company, AfroGanix has since branched into GoddessTalk brands, namely; GoddessTalk Show and GoddessTalk App. In the years ahead she plans to have GoddessTalk Network and probably the cable arm.

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