By Aaron Mike Odeh

 “A war hero has no value or honour in his own territory”- African adage.


Many of us never value what we have until we lose it.  We make caricature of our best brains and great men in our domain due to the fact that we can easily access them on daily basis, while many others fast and pray to God to have audience with such people. Meanwhile, we thought most of these men got to the top on a platter of gold so, we insult and abuse them simply because they accepted our plea to go all out to use their resources, brains, time and energy to better our lots through leadership either in the name of politics or otherwise. Most of them toil day and night to deliver on their campaign promises to us yet, we feel they have done nothing to show for the trust we entrusted on them.  As a result of which many of us take laws into our hands to throw stones at our leaders and to even use our strength to beat some of them to stupor in this Twenty First Century. Too bad one must say.

But, it is happening right in our domain, under our very nose with most of those who took the law into their hands being allowed to go scot free by our security personnel who failed to prosecute them.

Prominent among these negative happenings in Nigeria was the recent beaten to stupor of Hon. Salihu Adamu representing Bosso/ Paiko federal constituency of Niger State. Mohammed Gololo representing Gamawa federal constituency of Bauchi who was stoned and his house vandalized by his supporters recently when he travelled home for constituency briefing. The most disheartening of it all was meted on a highly distinguished ranking Senator, Alhaji Abu Ibrahim from Katsina State, the home state of President Muhammadu Buhari.

To say that Senator Abu Ibrahim is a senator of high repute is like trying to ask whether Abraham Lincoln ever existed. The reason is because Abu’s legislative experience is a great asset to the entire

Nigeria not only his state of origin. A gentleman to the core. Humble, kind, generous, hardworking, highly educated, God fearing and a detribalized Nigerian with friends across the length and breadth of

Nigeria. That was why when news has it that he, along with other dignitaries were attacked by some sponsored and disgruntled elements recently at Funtua, most Nigerians was sad. The attacks received national condemnation. This is because, Senator Abu Ibrahim is well known to have performed well in all ramifications in view of which he has won so many local, national and international awards. That is why

so many Nigerians who are aware of his massive achievements for his people were so surprised to hear that he was attacked by some sponsored touts based on the investigations carried out to find out

the causes of the mob attack on him and his entourage. Most political observers across Nigeria who are very much aware of the great leadership qualities of Senator Abu Ibrahim, described the attack on

him as the hand work of his political enemies who are afraid of his earth shaking achievements in the area of infrastructure and human development which is giving him a lot of acceptance across every

length and breadth of Nigeria. They called on the security apparatus to fish out those behind the unjust attack on him and his entourage to make sure that they face the wrath of the law.

Come to think of it, what on earth could annoy some people so much to throw stones and dangerous objects on those they worked so hard to elect as their leaders? This is uncalled for. It is un-African and

whoever that is in support of this kind of actions against our leaders and especially a highly valuable senator as Abu Ibrahim should be brought to book. Nevertheless I appeal to Senator Abu Ibrahim to put

behind him whatever that happened during the recent APC rally in Funtua, Katsina State which culminated to him being embarrassed by his people. He should mend fence with them. Let him call for a peace meeting to amicably resolve all the misunderstanding between him and his people. He may be surprised to hear that some of them are not even aware of his land breaking achievements which many Nigerians who are not from that part of Nigeria can testify to. I am talking about his achievements in the area of constructions of rural roads across all the council wards within his senatorial zone. Others include award of scholarship for local, national and international students. Sinking of boreholes, construction of three class room blocks in each of the council wards within his senatorial zone, construction of clinics, distribution of fertilizer, and empowerment of the women through skills acquisitions, among others.

Beyond every reasonable doubt, Abu Ibrahim has done very well as a distinguish senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He deserves accolades and encouragement not humiliation and insults from those he is tirelessly using his legislative experience to better their lives.

I appeal to Katsina people and especially the Funtua people to value Senator Abu Ibrahim, because, he is an asset to the entire North and Nigeria at large.


– Odeh wrote in from Abuja