Newspaper/Print Advertisment Rates

For your adverts, please call Bode on (+234) 7037100700 or email[email protected].
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  1. All adverts are to be prepaid in Cash, Draft or Cheque in favour of LEADERSHIP NEWSPAPERS GROUP LTD.
  2. Series discount is subject to the stipulated number of insertions and it is payable only at the end of the campaign (to be deducted from balance paid)
  3. Copy date is 2 days for the North and 3 days for the South
  4. Cancellation of advert placement in less than 24 hours to publication date will attract 25% surcharge.
  5. Advertisers/Agencies are to supply their camera ready artworks in electronic copies and in PDF, TIFF or Jpeg format.
  6. Advertisers will be surcharged 10% of the applicable rate where artworks are not provided.
  7. Adverts may not be published if the visuals given are considered too poor as to affect the production.
  8. Colour guides are to accompany coloured adverts.
  9. Alterations to original order should be conveyed in writing 24 hours to desired alteration date.


  1. Adverts that appear concurrently on home and other pages will attract a 25% surcharge on Home Page rate.
  2. Ad copy (Artwork) to be provided by advertisers, saved in JPEG, GIF, PDF or SWF format.
  3. All Adverts must be pre-paid before publication.
  4. Artwork may be sent by e-mail (as attachment to [email protected]) or submitted by hand
  5. Advert rates are subject to review but with due notice to our advertisers
  6. LEADERSHIP GROUP is not responsible for the content of other sites linked from

LEADERSHIP reserves the right not to publish advertisements already scheduled for publication if they are found to be libelous or potentially offensive to the sensibilities of the public without prior notice. Appropriate refund(s) will be made in such circumstances