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Cuba Seeks Nigeria’s Support To End U.S Blockade



Cuba and Nigeria

The Cuban government has urged Nigeria to throw its weight behind the country in its quest to pressure the United States government blockade on the North American country.

Speaking during a one day symposium with a theme: “The Challenge of Afro-Cuba Relations in Building A New Humanity” held at the Nasarawa State University to mark the 45th Anniversary of Nigeria-Cuba relations, the Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, Carlos Trejo said Cuba has a brotherly tie with Nigeria.

The Cuban ambassador said the US blockade which has lasted almost 60 years is the longest single blockade of any country in history.

He said Cuba has prospered despite what he described as “imperialist aggressiveness from United States of America”, stressing that the country has achieves one of the best healthcare system as well as education in the world.

He noted that “Cuba is subjected to a strong and genocidal economic, commercial and financial blockade for almost 60 consecutive years by successive governments of the United States.”

“They intend to suffocate us, to recolonize us again and silence our courage and solidarity as a people. To prevent us from continuing to help countries, by sending teachers and doctors or contribute to the human capital development goals that the third world countries needed.

“A renewed fierce attempt to destroy our life projects and development, using all conceivable methods and also trying to justify the blockade is still upon us. But despite all the imperialist aggressiveness, recurrence of attempts to affect us economically, the Cubans will continue to share with our African brothers, not what we have in excess or enough to cover the needs of our people.”

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Movement of Solidarity with Cuba, led by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has urged the Cuban government to improve it support to the Nigerian government in the area of healthcare so as to end medical tourism in the country.

The movement said the Cuban people have the fundamental right to decide its political system without interference, stressing that the economic embargo which stops Cuba from freely accessing the international market and trading with other countries, is counterproductive, unhelpful and should be lifted without further delay.




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