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The last has not  been heard of the #BringBackOurGirls group who had stood for over two years for the 219 Chibok as it had revealed that President Muhammed Buhari has failed the abducted girls for 490 days which was part of the 900 days the girls have stayed in the hands of their captors.

According to the group, the former administration led by former President Goodluck Jonathan had failed the girls for 410 days,  and wondered how many more days the innocent school girls will still be failed by the government.

While briefing the press on the commemoration of the Day 900 of the ChibokGirls’ abduction yesterday, the co-coverner the movement, Dr Oby Ezekwesili urged the government to better manage the rescue operation of the girls  with clear decision points and milestones with better transparency and accountability to their parents and all other interested stakeholders.

While reacting to the government update of the rescue of the Chibok girls through the information minister, Lai Mohammad, she faulted the government for withholding information from parents of the girls an Nigerians until it took the movement’s 72-hourly protests to the Villa, in early September, for the administration to finally break its protracted and condemnable silence.

She stated that  the Minister of Information had revealed activities related to rescue effort only up to December 2015, and wondered again what government  was doing concerning the rescue of ChibokGirls in the last nine months and why was nothing of that period captured in the Minister’s account.

Ezekwesili who pointed various contradiction between the minister’s statement and the president, also wondered who the public should  believe, the President who says that government has not established contact with the “credible group holding the girls” or the minister whose September 16, 2016 account to the public,  explicitly stated that the Federal  Government has through the Department for State Security, “opened negotiation with the group holding the #ChibokGirls” since July 17, 2015.

“The first of our deep concern would be, “how much does our President really know about the activities  of his military and security team concerning his government’s rescue plan for the girls ?” This is a critical question that demands honest response because as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, it would be patently problematic if the President is not privy to the array of information necessary for decision making on the fate of 218 young women,” she said.

Ezekwesili called on the United Nations, as well as and every other country, institutions, groups and individuals with relevant expertise, to offer support to the rescue of the girls adding that 900 Days is simply too long a time for the world to fail the young women who went to school to be educated only to end up as hostages of terrorists.

She noted that the group will commence close monitoring of the federal government’s action and will continue to do so for the next four weeks of which after that the group will commence marching to the Villa to highlight the urgency for action.

“ To that end, we have from today commenced the monitoring of all actions of our Federal Government and shall do so over the next four weeks. At the end of four weeks, if our girls are still not back, we shall recommence our marches to Aso Villa to highlight the urgency for action. Whereas our marches were 72-hourly outings, the next marches shall be on 48-hourly basis,” she said.

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