New Dawn As Nuhu, Zango Reconcile

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Kannywood’s most celebrated actors, Ali Nuhu and Adam Zango, have finally reconciled their differences.
“In the spirit of Ramadan and Sallah, Adam Zango and actor friend Ali Nuhu are now happy good friends again,” said Hassana Dalhat, a movie promoter and an associate of the two actors.
Zango and Nuhu fell apart after the Rahama Sadau saga last February.
Reports had it that Sadau and Zango feud was as a result of misunderstanding about a movie project in which she alleged that Zango made some advances on her.
She had written on her Instagram wall at the time, that “Declining Zango’s love advances will not take me down”.
However, she later apologised to Zango, who had denied ever offering the actress a role in exchange for a relationship.
As an associate of Ali Nuhu, Sadau was believed to have been instigated by him to disparage Zango.
According to PREMIUM TIMES, they were not on speaking terms since the squabble.
But months after the row, the two actors have settled their differences in the spirit of Ramadan .
It was reported that one of the leaders of the Kannywood associations, Mallam Khalid Brokered the feud and settle them. They latter took photographs together.
Also confirming the event, Zango wrote on his Instagram page that mischief-makers were behind the row.
“Words are more destructive than a nuclear bomb. And some people are jealous of our stardom,they envy us and don’nt want to see us together.
That is why they hate us !”
Also speaking, colleagues and fans of the actors were happy of the development, saying that “ since the Sadau/Zango incident, Ali and Zango have not been in speaking terms. They avoid each other and now that the fight is over, I think the industry will feel a sense of fresh air,” said Hassana.

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