An Honest Actor/Producer Would Not Compromise Creativity For Sex – Movie Maker

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Douglas Izie-Enogieru is an award winning film and television director who makes movies, documentary and all that has to do with film and TV production. He started making movies professionally in 2010 with his first movie ‘Clash In My Quest’ which he produced and directed.

When asked on the news about the directors cum producers having to seek for sexual favours from their female counterparts before giving them roles. He explained that though he won’t deny that it is rampant in the industry, he prefers to be diplomatic about the issue.

“I’m not going to say it’s not true but in our case, we don’t want to be involved in such practice. If you are a genuine actor, you will not want to compromise your creativity by way of sleeping with the producer and you as a producer or director will not want to have anything to do with your actors when you know the aftermath will hinder your creativity or end the reputation you are protecting. Personally, I don’t know of directors or producers sleeping with actor before giving them roles. But I know we have been hearing of these being rampant in the industry that is why we want anybody found wanting to point them out so we could use them as example,” he explained.

The talented film maker also speaks on some of the challenges he has faced as a movie director. ” The challenge of having the right props, character, funding, location  and enabling environment, the more challenging part is having creating the kind of style that will tell the story properly in such a way that people who see the movie will be able to relate with. First of all every film is a work of creativity from individual or people. Though some are more appealing than others, every film has their own audience. Considering the economic situation, it will be hard for people to pull out resource to be able to produce the kind of film an average Nigeria wants.

“Film making is not a one man business. What producers should be thinking about is collaborating with other production companies, private investors which boils down to the kind of film you are making. What is the social, economic value of the film and also what is the societal feedbacks you are wanting to get? If you can answer these questions. This is one of the things lacking in the society today. I don’t think the government will pull out finance to really make movies at this period. The industry is over 20-years and the people that has been able to manage the industry till today are not the government but private movie makers and marketer who have sustain the industry till today,’ he added.

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