Mrs Josephine Anumbor during stage play

The Big Picture: Why Nigeria Is The Way It Is

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In a new video making rounds, the founder of Love To The World Initiative, Mrs Josephine Anumbor who has been responsible for mobilising Nigerians to be positive in their daily dealings has for some years now championed the cause of attitudinal change. Nigeria and Nigerians have continued to suffer the pain due to the actions of our political leaders and even ourselves as a people.

This video gives a brief but in depth analysis of the actions of Nigerians and the implications of these selfish and unpleasant actions.

It has stirred up a sense of patriotism in the hearts of a lot of people. A sense of pride in our country that the media has tried so hard to keep in the shadows. Watch and share this video. Join the movement to support Nigeria to a great future, united as a people.

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