NSCDC Canvasses More Civil Protection, Emergency Services

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The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps on Saturday called for accelerated development of structures for civil protection and emergency services in the country.

The Sokoto State Commandant of the corps, Alhaji Yushau Aliyu, made the call at a news conference to mark the 2014 World Defence Day in Sokoto.

The theme of the celebration is “Civil Defence and Culture of Prevention for a Safer Society’’.

“We must create a culture of civil defence, based on prevention rather than response,” he said.

Aliyu said the prevention programme played a crucial role in saving people’s lives and that it helped in preventing material losses by improving the capacity of national structures of civil protection.

“However, while prevention is a vital factor, it is also a complex task that requires adaptation to each new situation.

“Many emergency response simulation services should be inspired from the various types of risks that exist to specialise in response capacity and proper handling of emergency interventions.”

Aliyu advised that prevention programmes should focus on areas such as risk assessment through the adoption and development of national as well as regional mechanisms and tools.

“The implementation of these programmes involve close cooperation with national higher authorities and monitoring from the private sector as well as public sector utilities.”

Aliyu said the consequences of global warming, resulting from intensive industrial and technological development were threatening civil defence and emergency services nowadays.

“To fight this new crisis and to ensure the safeguard of the population and the environment, we need to disseminate and implement prevention measures.’’ (NAN)

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