Saudi-German Hospital Seeks Partnership To Improve Nigeria’s Health Care

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Saudi Arabia-based Saudi German Hospital is seeking partnership with some Nigerian private hospitals in order to improve efficiency and create access to better health care delivery for Nigerians at affordable rate.

This is even as the federal government and stakeholders have been clamouring and canvassing attitudinal change from  health -seeking Nigerians to  patronize hospitals in the country.

Speaking to LEADERSHIP on Wednesday in Abuja, the chief executive officer, Saudi German Hospital, Madinah, Dr Ramez Elawady said the decision to partner with Nigerian doctors is borne out of the need to tap into Nigeria’s vast health needs, and help to boost medical inflows into the country.

He said, “Nigeria’s population is almost 180 million and they are spending billions on medical tourism annually. So it’s an opportunity to come and invest in its health care to improve the quality of services provided.

“We are coming here to collaborate and partner with other health care providers to treat the patients in their own country and to eventually have our own facilities in the areas that are mostly needed in the country.”

Elawady said this was important especially as the federal government wants to decrease medical tourism and impose restriction to deter health seeking Nigerians from travelling outside the country to seek health care services.

“So I see this as an opportunity to have and invest in the health care industry inside Nigeria and to have and treat patients inside too. For us, its very important to have patients within this country and to develop and improve the skills of Nigerian doctors through collaborations and cooperation.”

“In the long run, it will have good benefits for the country, the patients and for us as well.”

The CEO Saudi German Hospital said the health facility has two objectives which are short and long term.

“The short term objective is to have a partnership with hospitals here in Nigeria, to enhance and to increase the quality of service provided to Nigerian patients and to provide services which are not available in  their hospitals here in Nigeria.”

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