Refuse Odour Unsettles Asaba Residents, Motorists

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Emitting offensive odour of unevacuated refuge dumps along Nnebisi  Road and its environs, in Asaba Delta State, has unsettled its  residents including motorists who ply the road often.

Investigation revealed that from the beginning of Nnebisi road right  from Interbau road about to the traffic light end, the emitting odour  of the unevacuated refuge dumps disarm passersby and motorists who are  forced to cover their noses with handkerchiefs.

More often, in the past weeks, the heap of refuge dumps along the  pavement of the dual Nnebisi road, poses health hazards to residents  with the road and its environs.

Sister Oby (surname withheld) resident of Nnebisi road who spoke to  our reporter, said the emitting odour of the refuge dumps may likely  caused epidemic and sicknesses to their health if urgent steps are not  take by the state ministry of environment’s officials to evacuate the  dumps.

While the stocking refuge odour lasts, further investigation revealed  that within the refuge, are sanitary pads, banana peels and other  dumps which portend offensive odour, especially during hot afternoon  and early hours.

Another resident, Patty Molokwu said: “The odour of the refuge cannot  make us to breathe well, at night, we can’t sleep, the odour is too offensive, we are appealing to the state ministry of environment officials to come and evacuate the refuge”.

But the state commissioner for environment, Mr. John Nani in a swift reaction to journalists calls, said the state government was committed to making Delta State most cleanliness state among others, adding that arrangement were ongoing with a view to evacuate the refuge.

His words: “We are committed to making Delta State the cleanliness state among others, officials of the environment ministry will soon evacuate the refuge.”

Unconfirmed sources said deviant residents of Nnebisi road and its environs, during wee hours dump refuge into sack bags after they are evacuated on the pavement on the dual Nnebisi road. Commuters waiting at the Ibusa Junction for keke tricycles to convey them to their destinations, often times are stranded as tricycle riders find it difficult to stop and take them in the atmosphere of the offensive odour, most times, those who manage to stop, cover their noses with big napkins as the passengers hurriedly jump into the tricycle before the riders zoom off of the vicinity.

Last weekend, the Director-General taskforce on sanitation, Mr. Frank Omare warned residents of Asaba against illegal refuge dumps saying that offenders would be severely punished.

But his warnings, seemed to have fell on deaf ears as illegal refuge dumps have become a way of life to Asaba residents.



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