US Election: Are The Odds In Favour Of Clinton?

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Despite the recent health scare that caused anxiety in Hillary Clinton’s camp, the woman has once again resurfaced with a bang, beating her major rival, Donald Trump, in a recent polls survey, making analysts to believe that the odds are in her favour in the coming epic US November 8 presidential election. In this piece, Omonu Yax Nelson analyses the political intrigues.


ased on the latest national polls, Mrs Clinton is favoured to win the November 8, presidential contest. The chances of her losing are about the same as the probability of an N.F.L. kicker missing a 45-yard field goal.” Josh Katz

With the recent feats displayed by the first woman to clinch the nomination of a major political party since the birth of democracy in America more than two centuries ago, the world is seemingly bracing up to having a woman superintending the affairs of the world’s super power. Her chances become even brighter in consideration of the support her ambition is getting from the magnetic, African-American president of the US, Barak Obama who is deploying his cutting-edge campaign strategies in support of his former rival and later secretary of state, Hillary Rohdam Clinton.

Still basking in the euphoria of the delivery of her brand new Squat Boeing 737 Strewn campaign aircraft, the amazon and leader of women political renaissance, threw up a health scare on Sunday 11, 2016, at the ground zero, venue of the commemoration ceremony of the 15th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Centre, when she came down with pneumonia.

Even before the ground zero scare, the health status of Clinton had, for some time, become a subject of vitriol and intense dirty political campaign.

Clinton’s major political rival, Donald Trump has tried to no avail to latch on the seeming health scare to score a political goal against the Clinton’s camp but it always boomeranged as many Americans perceived his surfeit attacks as un-statesmanlike, noting that a scrupulous individual should rather sympathise with an ailing rival rather than capitalise on his failing health to score cheap political goals.

Though, insinuations about Clinton’s state of health have been a subject of debate for a while, the question on the lips of most analysts is that, how should an aspirant be, having  gone through the rigors of nearly a year of herculean political meetings, and campaign schedules in 50 states?

Experts in electoral issues have concluded that, with the various states and national polls, the intended political capital Mr Trump wanted out of Clinton’s ill-health, has earned him the opposite, having been slammed with the charge of cruelty.

Less than two months to the November 8, election, where Americans are expected to choose the 45th occupant of the seat, first occupied by George Washington between 1789 and 1797, a national opinion poll by Morning Call/Muhlenberg College revealed that, Clinton has a nine-point lead among likely Pennsylvania voters, one of the swing states while her Republican rival, Donald Trump, continues to struggle among groups key to winning the state. The survey conducted on September 12-16, shows Clinton leading the presidential race in Pennsylvania with support from 47 percent of likely voters who say they intend to vote for her or are leaning that way. Trump is at 38 percent, while 11 percent say they’d pick neither of the major-party choices, and four percent are not sure.

The campaign slogan of Clinton “Stronger Together” speaks volume of Clinton’s indubitable moral authority that can best heal the deeply polarised US society, occasioned by Trump’s racial and religious prejudice based campaign, which analysts say worked effectively for him during the party primaries but will definitely be his greatest undoing, in the count-down to the presidential election.

Trump, who has struggled to recant some of his vulgar rhetoric in the build up to the party primaries, has increasingly shown that he cannot be trusted.

Though, various polls have suggested that both candidates were carrying heavy baggage, most Americans are doubtful of Trump’s temperament as the commander-in-chief of the world’s super power.

This distrust has deeply polarised the ranks of the Republicans, with many of its leaders, opting to vote for Clinton. Trump has till date, remained repugnant to the reproof of his party leaders and that has to a great extent, prevented him from getting the overall support of his party structures.

Many Americans have so far, seen Trump as insecurity personified to America’s interests, globally. For instance, he has been struggling with his earlier vow to ban all Muslims from entering the US, if he becomes the C-in-C.

According to analysts, this posture will no doubt hurt the US interests in the Gulf (Arab states). The US global dominance strives on deft diplomatic manoeuvre, which realistically, is under threat.


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