Sale Of National Assets Is Unconstitutional, Falana Tells FG

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Lagos lawyer, Femi Falana (SAN) has described the suggestion to the federal government to sell some national assets as a way of raising funds to tackle recession as unconstitutional.

According to Falana, the suggestion is in total conflict with section 16 of the Constitution which has prohibited the concentration of  the nation’s wealth in the hands of a few people or a group.

The human rights lawyer, who stated this in a press statement he issued in Lagos on Thursday, also dadvised President Muhammadu Buhari to stop appealing to the conscience of the leaders of western countries to repatriate the nation’s looted wealth.

He said in spite  of several promises the British government did not return any fund under former Prime Minister David Cameron. In the same vein, the outgoing Barrack Obama administration will not repatriate a dime to Nigeria.

Falana noted that since they have continued to benefit  from the nation’s illicit funds kept in banks and tax heavens western governments are not going to let go without a serious legal challenge.

The lawyer asked the federal government to set up a team of local and foreign lawyers to initiate legal proceedings in the appropriate jurisdictions for the recovery and repatriation of the nation’s looted wealth.

On the issue of the suggested sales of national assets, Falana said by virtue of section 44 of the Constitution  the nation’s natural resources  shall be held in trust for the Nigerian people by the federal government.

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