Bindow: A Governor Of Uncommon Grace By Sani Ismail Ganye

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Writing about political office holders has never been a thing of fancy for me. Infact, I see nothing special about writing commendations for people who have been elected to serve the public. Why glorify them? They are just doing their jobs like everyone of us in our respective professions.

But, I am an indigene of Adamawa, and I have been in the State all my adult life, so base on the infrastructural development and social change I have seen in the State. I will make an exception in the case of Adamawa State governor, Senator Muhammad Umar Jibrilla Bindow.

Before I picked my pen to write about this governor, I went on a personal and political survey about Bindow, and the discoveries were magical. And most of this encouraging discoveries actually came From Bindow’s political opponents. Another reason I decided to write about a politician for the first time.

I will not be far from the truth, if I state here that I think Governor Bindow is the only governor that is surrounded by so many lieutenants who have divided support and allegiance to him. And it goes without saying that the governor knows that himself.

It also goes without saying that Governor Bindow is a firm believer of ‘Allah’s will always prevails’, and that is crystally evident in how he treats his ‘not loyal’ staff – fairly and just. This is also apparent in his politics of no malice and no grudges. Bindow is sure a man of faith.

His moral convictions and religious belief has always been his guiding principles in all his decision-makings, which in turn has fetched him so much success in all his endevours. For Bindow, ‘it’s a man who has Allah has everything’.

It is this trust in the will of Allah that has kept Bindow focused and determined to give Adamawa State the best in good governance despite the ongoing political attacks and unnecessary court case. Bindow has remained a symbol of credible, progressive and sincere leadership in the country.

The true quality of Governor Bindow as a political leader is his ability to focus on giving his people what they vote him for despite every derailing force around him. He sure knows whatbhe wants and howbto get it done.

He has been successful with his infrastructural development because he is governance and political canny. He knows how things work and how to get things done in the execution of projects. He understands that the key to rapid growth of Adamawa is infrastructural development and he has made that his priority.

The record of roads, schools, hospitals, agricultural advancement and empowerment withnessed over a period of 16 months in the state is a clear testimony that no amount of politicking and insubordination will stop Governor Bindow from taking Adamawa to the promised land.

It was no surprise to many of us, when the governor decided to hit hard on the people trying to daint his good name with cheap blackmails and ruly politics. In most States, previous administrators were already in deep political quagmire with the incumbents.

Despite their attacks on his government and mismanagement of Adamawa State funds, the immediate past administrators in the state have enjoyed tremendous respect and goodwill from the Governor, until recently that the governor decided enough was enough, it’s time to speak.

Bindow’s confidence to take on his political opponents springs from his overwhelming grassroot support and sincerity in governance. When the people knows a leader is working and he is honest enough to keep his hands off their monies, he will be too tall for any opposition to handle.

In a world where so many political leaders will stop at nothing to get elected for another term, rope in another opposition to their side, pocket the legislature, embezzle public money, it takes honesty and integrity to breed trust and credibility – the cornerstone of strong, long-term voters’s support, which Governor Bindow has earned in his short stay in office.
It is an open secret that most of us never gave Bindow a chance, even the man himself knew that, but he got there by the will of Allah and he is working very well now. And we all know this man is not stealing our money, rather he is making good and beautiful use of it. The best thing to do is to come out enmasse and show our appreciations by giving him our undivided support and assistance.

In the words of a University don who happens to be my Professor, “I pity the political opponents of Bindow. They will have nothing to fight for now and come 2019”.
Ganye wrote in from Yola and can be reached on

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