Tinubu’s Statement Was Harsh – Oyegun

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National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress ( APC) John Oyegun has described calls for him to resign by Bola Tinubu as harsh.

Speaking to State House Correspondents after a closed door meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa yesterday, Oyegun said he has no rift with Tinubu, just a difference of opinions

Oyegun said, There is no rift with Asiwaju we have difference of opinion, difference of perception and I think that is normal. Yes I agree that the nature of the statement was a bit harsh.

“The method of getting rid of a national chairman if that is what I will call it, are spelt out in the constitution they don’t take place on the pages of newspapers.

The following conversation ensued between Oyegun and reporters ;

Why is your party not calling for NEC to meet over these issues?

Is proper for them to meet and they will all meet at the appropriate time.

As we speak we hear some youths are protesting at your party’s headquarters against alleged highhandedness of Asiwaju, people may say you may behind this?

God forbid, anybody who knows me knows that that is not my style. I’m equally shocked and I’m going to look into it and find out  why and who is behind it.

People will be surprised to see yourself and Asiwaju smiling on the pages of newspapers today, were those smiles and pleasantries genuine?

Do they know how far back our association goes? Do they know that we were in the trenches together in the NSDECO days? Why can’t people who have mutual respect for each other have different opinions? All we hard was difference of opinions, yes it was expressed a bit harshly but that doesn’t remove the basic fact that we have worked together for a very long time.

What happened in the case of Ondo primaries?

What happened is in the report of the chairman of the primaries committee.

Are you making U-turn on ondo since is causing controversy?

Is only INEC can make U-turn on Ondo

On the Edo elections?

Well it was a hard fought election that was clear. Two things really, it was more of a referendum first on the performance of the governor, second on the quality of our candidate and most importantly, given the economic situation it was an opportunity for us to measure the continued popularity and acceptability of our president. And what it indicated is that by and large the people of this country still have faith, confidence in the fact that if there is any one man that can fix their situation it is President Muhammadu Buhari.

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